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Prefab Industrial Offices hold many advantages over stick-built construction. The ability to disassemble a room and relocate it elsewhere or redesign the layout for another application gives owners maximum flexibility.

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Fully fabricated wall panels mean construction times are a fraction of conventional methods with substantially reduced mess and plant disruptions. Designing to specific industrial requirements with superior manufacturing and materials allows Shelving to meet tough sound control conditions, as well as fire ratings and insulation.

Optional steel facings and continuously supported substrates offer superior strength and durability. The best advantage of all is the ability to use fast seven-year depreciation rather than 39.5 years with conventional construction, providing a tremendous 32.4% price advantage.

With all these advantages, you can see why more people are turning to Shelving for their modular building requirements.

Our product solutions include modular offices, mezzanines, two story, vision towers, storage facilities, clean rooms, high walls, guard buildings, and exterior structures. The flexible office concept has become very popular in the areas:

  • Manufacturing Industry: modular offices, modular buildings, mezzanines, exterior buildings, portable buildings, customized powder coating rooms, cleanrooms, and installation services for manufacturing plants, warehouse and distribution centers.
  • Transportation Industry: common and private carriers, freight forwarders, cross-docking, kitting and sequencing warehousing, carrier and shipment management, dedicated contract carriage, freight carriers, shipping hubs, warehousing and distribution centers.
  • Education Solutions: modular offices, modular classrooms, modular buildings, cafeterias, libraries, media centers, mezzanines, exterior buildings, portable buildings, research and development cleanrooms, assembly and installation construction services for public and private schools, day care centers, colleges and universities.

Shelving recognizes that all businesses are budget conscious of construction costs due to changing floor plans as a result of product manufacturing, new machinery, space work flow, and inventory control. Prefabricated buildings are movable, reusable, faster to install, provide greater stability, with maintenance free wall surfaces that costs less than conventional construction methods.

We provide onsite consultation, drafting and engineering services, construction of prefab buildings, and installation of our products all from one source.

Shelving Inc. brings you the best possible solutions to your prefab and modular space requirements.

We provide modular offices, modular buildings, mezzanines, exterior buildings, portable buildings, customized powder coating rooms, cleanrooms, and installation services for manufacturing plants, warehouse and distribution centers.

In-Plant Office Benefits & Features

  • Provides excellent supervisory view
  • Floor loads are 100-psf I/360 deflection
  • Deck heights are 8 to 12 feet
  • Frees valuable manufacturing areas underneath
  • Maximizes the use of expensive floor space
  • The fastest mezzanine installation
  • The easiest mezzanine to move
  • Designs for a wide range of sound control and fire ratings
  • Professional installations nationwide

  • 22 gauge steel ribbed roof deck, full 88" ceiling ht. on all models
  • 20" x 30" 3/16" temp safety glass window
  • Non-progressive design remove and exchange wall panels without disturbing adjacent panels
  • Heavy duty 20 gauge 36" x 84" hollow metal door, stainless steel grade II lock set.
  • Optional: 3/16" temp safety glass window
  • Optional: H.V.A.C. packages available
  • Optional: Modular wiring kit connects all outlets, lights and switches

You can rely on Shelving Inc. for all your Modular & In-Plant Building Needs.

Two-story pre-fabricated office installation

Industrial offices in factory

Industrial offices in factory

Prefabricated build-outs and offices in warehouse

Prefabricated office in factory

Prefab upstairs office in warehouse

Prefab office in Warehouse

Prefab office in Warehouse

Pre-fabricated Gate House

Pre-fabricated Office in Warehouse Pre-fabricated Training Room in Warehouse Pre-fabricated Training Room in Warehouse
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