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Chrome vs. Stainless Steel

Many people use Stainless Steel as a general term to describe a durable, high polish steel surface that is resistant to rust. Because of the popularity of the term stainless steel, many metal products are considered inferior. This is not the case, however, as different metals have different properties. For instance, Chrome does well in a number of strength tests, but is often overlooked for the more common associations that imply merely a decorative finish.

Chrome is actually a shorter name for Chromium, which can be found in the periodic table of elements. When an item is described as chrome, it means that it contains a certain level of chromium mixed into the coating. Through a process called electroplating, the chrome finish is applied to the surface of a product, most often another metal such as steel. This layer is fractions of a millimeter thick, but strong enough to lend the benefits of chrome to the properties of the coated object.

When looking at how chrome ranks against stainless steel, each has their own respective advantages in a given application. Chrome outshines stainless steel not only in a polished and reflective finish, but in terms of quality for the price point. Stainless steel is stronger and more durable, but also much more expensive. Electroplating was developed as a means of imbuing desired properties onto another object, offering an affordable alternative to purchasing an item made entirely from the plated metal.

Chrome plating adds value to the unit by providing a coating that is resistant to both rust and damage. It is known for the attractive finish and kept for its functionality. At, wire shelves are featured in chrome because of the benefits they provide to those who seek storage solutions. Chrome is strong enough to store heavy duty materials and has even been approved by the National Sanitation Foundation for use in medical and food service environments.

Of course, the denser stainless steel is a great option in its own right. has access to stainless steel shelves at great prices. For more information on stainless steel shelving, contact us at 1-800-637-9508.

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