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Double Rivet Boltless Shelves with Wire Decking

Heavy Duty Double Rivet Boltless Shelves sold individually to increase storage capacity of existing units- 3" wire mesh decking included.


Double Rivet Boltless Shelves with Wire Decking

When working with bulk storage, there is an inherent risk due to the large volume and weight of items on the shelf. In case of fire, you need to make sure that the shelving structures are able to withstand the blaze while allowing irrigation from the sprinklers to mitigate the flame. That is why we offer the extra shelves with wire decking, to promote safety in the work place.
  • Each shelf includes 4 heavy duty rivet cross beams
  • Wire decking comes with each size of shelf below
  • Can hold up to 1,500 lbs of evenly distributed weight
  • Easy assembly, no additional hardware or tools required

Shelving Inc also offers alternatives to wire decking. These options can be seen on our Extra Shelves for Rivet Boltless Shelving page.

Starting at $29.00

Availability: Online Exclusive
Product Code: RLXW-P

12"d x 36"w - $43.50 $29.00
12"d x 48"w - $56.50 $37.67
18"d x 36"w - $57.00 $38.00
18"d x 48"w - $69.00 $46.00
24"d x 36"w - $63.00 $42.00
24"d x 48"w - $85.00 $56.67

  • Manufacturer: Nexel
  • Weight: 12-22lbs

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