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Double-Rivet Steel Shelving Kits

An economical solution for the storage of retail, wholesale, or industrial goods and products, our double-rivet bulk shelving provides for durable and reliable industrial storage for warehouses, offices, and even auto repair shops. Finished in a light putty/tan baked enamel finish for improved appearance and durability, and customizable thanks to its adjustable-center shelves. Best of all, no special tools needed for installation! Get your workplace organized efficiently with our double-rivet steel shelving kits.

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12"Depth Double Rivet Shelving 15"Depth Double Rivet Shelving 18"Depth Double Rivet Shelving 24"Depth Double Rivet Shelving
30"Depth Double Rivet Shelving 36"Depth Double Rivet Shelving 42"Depth Double Rivet Shelving 48" Depth Double Rivet Shelving

Double Rivet Bulky Storage Capacities

Unit WidthShelf Depth

Weight Capacity
(without center support)

Weight Capacity
(with center support)

36"12"800 lbs1500 lbs
36"15"800 lbs1500 lbs
36"18"775 lbs1450 lbs
36"24"775 lbs1425 lbs
36"30"775 lbs1400 lbs
36"36"750 lbs1350 lbs
36"42"750 lbs1300 lbs
36"48"750 lbs1250 lbs
42"12"775 lbs1450 lbs
42"15"775 lbs1450 lbs
42"18"775 lbs1425 lbs
42"24"775 lbs1425 lbs
42"30"775 lbs1425 lbs
42"36"750 lbs1350 lbs
42"42"750 lbs1350 lbs
42"48"750 lbs1250 lbs
48"12"750 lbs1400 lbs
48"15"750 lbs1400 lbs
48"18"750 lbs1400 lbs
48"24"750 lbs1325 lbs
48"30"750 lbs1310 lbs
48"36"750 lbs1220 lbs
48"42"750 lbs1200 lbs
48"48"750 lbs1125 lbs
60"12"600 lbs1200 lbs
60"15"600 lbs1200 lbs
60"18"600 lbs1200 lbs
60"24"600 lbs1150 lbs
60"30"600 lbs1050 lbs
60"36"600 lbs1000 lbs
60"42"600 lbs950 lbs
60"48"600 lbs950 lbs
69"12"500 lbs1000 lbs
69"15"500 lbs1000 lbs
69"18"500 lbs1000 lbs
69"24"475 lbs950 lbs
69"30"450 lbs925 lbs
69"36"425 lbs900 lbs
69"42"400 lbs875 lbs
69"48"375 lbs850 lbs
72"12"500 lbs1000 lbs
72"15"500 lbs1000 lbs
72"18"500 lbs1000 lbs
72"24"500 lbs950 lbs
72"30"500 lbs925 lbs
72"36"500 lbs900 lbs
72"42"500 lbs850 lbs
72"48"500 lbs800 lbs
84"12"450 lbs650 lbs
84"15"450 lbs650 lbs
84"18"450 lbs650 lbs
84"24"425 lbs625 lbs
84"30"425 lbs625 lbs
84"36"400 lbs600 lbs
84"42"375 lbs575 lbs
84"48"375 lbs575 lbs
96"12"425 lbs620 lbs
96"15"425 lbs620 lbs
96"18"425 lbs620 lbs
96"24"400 lbs620 lbs
96"30"400 lbs600 lbs
96"36"380 lbs590 lbs
96"42"380 lbs590 lbs
96"48"375 lbs580 lbs
NOTE: Capacity shown are for the steel support beams, not the shelf deck material. Capacities are in pounds for evenly distibuted loads lbs
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