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Lagpull 4-in-1 Bucket Tool

Lagpull 4-in-1 Bucket Tool


Lagpull 4-in-1 Bucket Tool

Anyone that works with 5 gallon buckets knows the strain it can put on fingers, hands, and even backs. The concentrated pressure of the wire handle causes discomfort and muscular fatigue. To alleviate this problem, the Hand Saver 4-in-1 Bucket Tool was ergonomically designed to clip onto handles and evenly distribute pressure to 15 lbs/sq. inch.

But it wouldn't be called "4-in-1" if it didn't do more. So the makers of this durable polyethylene plastic tool added a stainless steel lid lifter to pop the tabs on buckets and open pour spouts. The third tool is a screw-driver that doubles as a lid prying device, removing the tops of metal cans like tar and asphalt. Finally, the fourth tool is a lid-pounder, a flat side that helps to reseal the bucket and keep the contents for storage.

Perfect for industries such as construction, painting, maintenance departments, automotive, or the contractor who uses heavy buckets on a regular basis. The Hand Saver is the essential companion when working with gallon sized cans and large buckets. fatigue and stress.
Our Price: $7.95

Product Code: LAG-1

Manufacturer: LagPull

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