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Single Rivet Shelf Beams

Single Rivet Shelf Beams for Penco Rivet Shelving


Single Rivet Shelf Beams

Penco RIVETRITE® Boltless Shelving consists of simple components that lock rigidly together to form exceptionally strong shelving units.

  • Single Rivet Shelf Beams12" - 48" long
  • Single rivet beams on intermediate levels only.
  • Double rivet required on top and bottom shelves
  • Single rivet crossbeam takes up less vertical space than double rivet beams.
  • Single rivet beams will still hold the standard 5/8" particle board
  • Beams snap into an angle post and create your own shelf.
  • Two beams required per shelf for the front and back
  • Two beams recommended for the sides (depth) of the shelf
  • Single rivet beams are 7/8" tall made with 14 Gauge Steel
  • Powder coat Beige/Putty Color
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Item# Item Name Starting at Qty Add
P46SS12C Single Rivet Beam 12 (P46SS12C)
P46SS15C Single Rivet Beam 15" (P46SS15C)
P46SS18C Single Rivet Beam 18" (P46SS18C)
P46SS24C Single Rivet Beam 24" (P46SS24C)
P46SS30C Single Rivet Beam 30" (P46SS30C)
P46SS36C Single Rivet Beam 36" (P46SS36C)
P46SS42C Single Rivet Beam 42" (P46SS42C)
P46SS48C Single Rivet Beam 48" (P46SS48C)
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Extended Information:
Manufacturer: Penco

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