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Teardrop Pallet Rack - Starter Units

These easy-to-assemble pallet racking starter units are just what you need to start organizing your warehouse. Units that are at least 144” tall come with everything you need to create a rack with three tiers of storage while all shorter units come with the tools to create two levels of storage. All components of these racks have been R-mark certified by the Rack Manufacturer’s Institute, so you’ll have the assurance of knowing you’re receiving a product that meets the highest quality standards. As if that weren’t enough, these racks are guaranteed to ship within 48 hours of your order being processed.

If you need additional storage space, we offer pallet rack add-on units to help you expand your racking system.

Pallet rack systems are the easiest way to organize your warehouse. Whether setting up racks along one wall or creating aisles using rows of pallet racking, it all starts with a simple kit. The teardrop style of pallet racking is named after the tear-drop shaped holes that are punched in the face of the uprights. These holes accept the rivets of each step beam, which are then slid down and locked into place for a secure hold. This style has emerged as the most popular style of racking in the United States. Make sure that you're purchasing an R-mark certified rack system and make better use of your space.