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18"d Black Poly Liners

18"d Black Poly Liners

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18"d Black Poly Liners

Are items on your wire shelves lacking stability? Black Poly Liners provide a smooth, flat surface to wire shelving for anything you need to store or display.

Purchase by matching your shelf's depth and width to the dimensions of the liner.

  • Creates solid surface on 18"d wire shelves
  • .025" thick polypropylene construction
  • Rounded corners
  • Moisture and chemical resistant
  • Easy to remove for thorough cleaning
  • Made in the USA

Please measure your shelf as liners are cut-to-order and are final sale. For exact sizing, see Extended Information section below.

Availability: Usually Ships in 2-3 Business Days

Starting at: $5.00

Item# Item Name Item Price Qty Add
CLBP1818 18"d x 18"w Black Poly Liner (CLBP1818)
CLBP1824 18"d x 24"w Black Poly Liner (CLBP1824)
CLBP1830 18"d x 30"w Black Poly Liner (CLBP1830)
CLBP1836 18"d x 36"w Black Poly Liner (CLBP1836)
CLBP1842 18"d x 42"w Black Poly Liner (CLBP1842)
CLBP1848 18"d x 48"w Black Poly Liner (CLBP1848)
CLBP1854 18"d x 54"w Black Poly Liner (CLBP1854)
CLBP1860 18"d x 60"w Black Poly Liner (CLBP1860)
CLBP1872 18"d x 72"w Black Poly Liner (CLBP1872)
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Extended Information:

Actual Dimensions

  • 18"d x 18"w - 17-1/4"d x 17"w
  • 18"d x 24"w - 17-1/4"d x 23"w
  • 18"d x 30"w - 17-1/4"d x 29"w
  • 18"d x 36"w - 17-1/4"d x 35"w
  • 18"d x 42"w - 17-1/4"d x 41"w
  • 18"d x 48"w - 17-1/4"d x 47"w
  • 18"d x 54"w - 17-1/4"d x 53"w
  • 18"d x 60"w - 17-1/4"d x 59"w
  • 18"d x 72"w - 17-1/4"d x 71"w

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 18"d x 18-72"w
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Manufacturer: Chadko
  • Weight: 2.50-5.50 lbs
  • *Ships separately from wire shelving purchases


  • Easy to install - simply lay liner on your shelf

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