Community Page proudly supports the hard work and dedication of the Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit, MI. The Capuchin Soup Kitchen works tirelessly to help improve the lives of the less fortunate, and to provide for the basic needs of the disadvantaged.

The Capuchin Soup Kitchen was founded on core Franciscan beliefs, inspired by St Francis of Assisi, more than 125 years ago. The philosophy and tradition of the Capuchin's is based upon the idea that the Good News is available to all people, rich or poor, and that service to those in need is truly a service to a greater cause. The Capuchin's strive to uphold these essential values by caring for those who require aid or assistance.

The Capuchin Soup Kitchen Today

The Detroit Capuchin Soup Kitchen is involved in the local community in many ways. They provide a locally sourced daily Meal Program to hundreds of men, women and children, and their Services Center provides emergency food, clothing and medical care to area residents. The Soup Kitchen has established and maintains a 2.5 acre organic urban farming program within the city limits in an effort to restore balance to the environment and community, providing sustainable local agriculture.

The Capuchin Mission

  • Tend to people's basic needs, especially the need for food

  • Strive to stimulate minds and nourish spirits

  • Work to understand and address root causes of social injustice in our community.

  • In all we do, we seek to build alliances with others who share a commitment to this vision.

In addition to their meal and outreach programs for the less fortunate, the Soup Kitchen provides counseling and support services for those in recovery from addiction. The On the Rise Bakery is a structured and safe work environment for anyone currently in recovery or having recently been released from prison, to be reintegrated with the community, in a productive and rewarding way. For younger children in need of help and support, the Capuchin Soup Kitchen offers Children’s Programs including after school tutoring, art therapy, a lending library, summer camp and much more. The CSK also offers a full professional catering service for local events that benefits and helps financially sustain the Kitchen’s many programs.

If you would like to learn more about the Capuchins, make a financial or time donation, or otherwise get involved, we encourage you to be a part of a truly life changing experience - for you and for those you help.