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Bookcases and Standing Shelves

When you think of a shelf, what comes to mind? Some wall mounted shelves? Maybe a set of chrome wire shelving over in the corner? If you’re looking to get organized but you want to keep the style of your home office, living room, or bedroom intact, we offer a line of elegantly crafted bookcases, standing shelves, and storage cubes to provide unique organization that will fit right at home with your current decor. Coordinate the different stands for a more professional look, or mix and match colors and styles to create a look all your own.

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Way Basics Storage Cubes Storage Cube
Our Price: $20.00
Connect Door Cube Connect Door Cube
Our Price: $24.99
Connect Open Cube Connect Open Cube
Our Price: $24.99
Modular Storage Cubes (6 Pack) Modular Storage Cubes
Our Price: $119.99
Double Cube Plus Double Cube Plus
Our Price: $38.99

Coffee Tables

Studies show that optimal productivity can only be sustained for approximately 20 minutes, after which time productivity begins to ebb. It is important to take breaks throughout your working day in order to stay on top of your game. While not all offices are large enough to accommodate extra seating, you need to have a comfortable place that you can go to relax. Include a coffee table in your relaxed space to store items that help take your mind off of work. As an added benefit, the coffee table can be coordinated to match your other office furniture, making it a great place for informal meets with clients.

Side Tables and End Tables

From accent tables to nesting tables, these small storage surfaces are often the most handy table in your office. Generally serving as a catch all for baubles and beverages, the main function is to keep your room organized. By having a small shelf next to each seat, you increase your ability to maintain order by designating an area for smaller items. As an added advantage you can coordinate this item to match the rest of your decor, even placing it next to your desk to create an L-shaped computer desk . Give your workspace a larger surface area and manage multiple projects at once without difficulty.

TV stands and Media Consoles

As you set out to organize your home office, consider how increasingly multimedia the workplace is. With the need for teleconferencing, screen sharing, and a constant connection to email, you'll want a media stand to keep it all together. From video game storage to laptop desks, create a technological hub that will host your electronics. Get a media stand to keep all of the cords and cables off the floor and untangled.