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Dorm Storage

We all know dorms don’t offer much in the way of space. has just the different dorm storage options you need to make the most of your available room and feel at home, even if you aren’t at home. With the same sturdy construction and design as our standard wire shelving and available in unique, ready-to-order kits, our dorm shelving is specially designed to solve most common dorm storage problems. Our desktop charging stations can help your devices stay charged and ready to go, and our mini lockers can help you get your clothes, snacks, and personal belongings organized and out of the way. Keep your dorm room clean (and avoid getting yelled at by your roommates) with our dorm storage & organization solutions!

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Wire Shelving for Dorms

Wire shelving is perfect for dorm rooms because of its ease of assembly and disassembly, meaning you can take it apart at the end of the year, take it home and store it in a small, compact size, and bring it back next year for another round of quick, convenient shelving. Our Over the Bed Storage Unit is great for adding extra book room over a bed or desk, or for extra clothes storage room you don’t have to share.

We also have two handy kits for the ever-ubiquitous mini fridge, for a dorm staple made more convenient. Our Mini Fridge Cart for Dorms provides added storage room for food and dishes, while our Refrigerator Storage Stand helps keep your hot appliances apart and cool.

Closet Storage

Our selection of Umbra closet storage is just what a small, shared dorm closet space needs to give you the convenience you remember at home.