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Floating Wall Shelves

Do you need extra storage space in your home or office but don’t quite have the floor space for extra wire shelving? Our line of decorative floating wall shelving gives you extra space to store books, decorations, or anything else you want to show off without adding to the room’s footprint! The lack of visible brackets creates a ‘floating’ look that draws attention to the items on the shelf without detracting from the room’s look and flow. For extra storage to match the existing decor of any room, we offer an entire line of living room storage furniture to complete any look!

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Floating Wood Shelves

This line of wall shelves is made with real wood, but are incredibly light weight. A hidden angled bracket mounts the shelf directly to the wall, where the decorative storage piece will slide down and lock into place. People often wonder, "Why are they called floating shelves?" The hidden bracket is what gives the shelf the appearance that it just floats on the wall. Each wall shelf can hold up to 30 lbs after mounting, but are durable enough to support the weight of the average person!

Floating Decorative Wall Shelves

Holding approximately 35 lbs per shelf, these light weight wall shelves are a great way to display memorabilia in your home or office. A sleek, elegantly crafted edge provides an eye catching appeal, setting the stage for your keepsakes and points of pride. Materials for these shelves include both MDF and Pine.

Floating Corner Shelves

Shelving Inc. is dedicated to the mission of making space work harder for you, and that's why we recommend the floating corner shelves. So much design is being neglected where walls adjoin in focal areas around the house, but can quickly be augmented by a simple shelf. The radius shelves and crown molding shelf have an elegant edge, making them attractive to look, inspiring the objects upon the shelf to really stand out. Each corner shelf is given in dimensions that correspond to the sides that touch the wall.

Crown Moulding Floating Shelves

If you desire to create a display ledge within your office to showcase accolades, picture frames, or memorabilia from recent trips, purchase one of these crown molding shelves. They are intricately designed to have a beautiful edge that can really "class up the joint." These decorative wall shelves have the benefit of looking like the mantlepiece of a fire place, without taking up much wall space!