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Full Line Distributor Design Services

Shelving, Inc. is dedicated to helping you find ways to use your space as efficiently as possible. Our warehouse space planning services can help you make the most of your warehouse or stockroom. We have inventory management and storage specialists on staff who can develop a custom storage solution designed to meet the needs of your business and your space. Contact us today to request a quote or to arrange for a Shelving, Inc. representative to come to your facility to give you an estimate.

1. Selective Rack: Low cost - highly accessible unit storage - check out our Pallet Rack selection.
2. Push Back Rack: Easy access multiple unit storage
3. Drive In Rack: High density multiple unit storage

4. Pallet Flow:M High density first in - first out storage

5. Carton Flow Rack: High SKU storage for order picking. Flow Racks are perfect for high-volume storage needs.
6. Carousels: Moveable bin carton or wip storage
7. Mezzanine: Added floor storage - High utilization of vertical space. View our selection of Mezzanines to see which fits your office.
8. Modular Office: Prefabricated wall and partition rooms. View our Industrial Offices selections.

9. Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor: Access for loading mezzanines

10. Shelving: Carton and Part Storage - small bin picking.

11. Conveyor: Low cost carton & tote movement for order pick

12. Pack Bench Stations: Ergonomically designed work stations

13. Fatigue Mat: Operator comfort

14. Cantilever Rack: High density long item storage
15. Vertical Carousel: Compact parts storage - space saving

16. Moveable Aisle Shelving: Space saving parts and record storage

17. Plant Office Furniture: Computer and office stations. Check out the variety of Benches we offer.
18. Carts: Moveable Order pick vehicles. View our Wire Carts here.
19. Stretch Wrapper: Pallet load unitizers
20. Pallet Truck: The PM5-2748 Pallet Truck offers a 5550 lbs. capacity. Check out our Material Handling options.

21. Security Fencing: Quick enclosures - easily relocated. Learn what Wire Partitions can do for your workplace.

22. Guard Rail: Efficient protection from fork trucks. Check out our safety Partitions collection.
23. Tote Boxes: Order pick plastic boxes

24. Portable Bulk Storage Containers: Dry and liquid processing
25. Collapsible Containers: Returnable - space saving

26. Self Dumping Hoppers: Scrap and materials transporters