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Home & Office Storage

From the office to the living room and everywhere in between, understands how hard it is to get organized. Declutter your workspace and living areas with our selection of storage perfect for the office, the entryway, and much more.

Floating Wall Shelves

It’s a common question, but before you ask - no, these shelves only look like they’re floating thanks to their low-profile design! Our floating decorative wall shelves are easy to install and are designed to hide their brackets, removing any unsightly lines and providing extra durability. Create a welcoming atmosphere by displaying photos and keepsakes on our floating shelves and bring a little extra touch to your living room, dining room, or office.

Computer Desks

Whether you’re arranging your office or just need somewhere to keep your laptop at home, everyone needs a good reliable computer desk these days. Our collections of computer desks and office workstations are designed to fit your space and your style, all while providing a space for you to get work done in comfort. Mobile workstations allow you to stay productive wherever you go, and our full-sized computer desks give you the surface you need to stay on top of your daily task list.

Desktop Organizers

They say a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind. While we can’t do much for your mind, we can absolutely help unclutter your desk with our range of desktop organizers . Pencil holders make sure you can jot down whatever comes to mind, and literature organizers are perfect for any incoming or outgoing paperwork, or any business that produces a lot of fliers. Keep the supplies you need close at hand and stay productive, no matter what work you do or whatever the day may bring.

Printer Stands

Even in these increasingly digital times, many businesses still need a printer or fax machine. Let us help you organize these devices with our collection of home & office printer stands, perfect for freeing up desk space and keeping your needed work accessories close at hand.

Filing Cabinets

So your desk is looking pretty good, you’ve got your printer tucked away neatly on your printer stand, and you’ve got all your documents printed out and ready to go - but where are they going? Our selection of filing cabinets are the perfect solution for storing and organizing all your needed paperwork. Tax filings, employee documents, contracts...whatever your documents are and whatever you need them for, our mobile file cabinets provided a safe, organized, and secure way to quickly access any of your important paperwork and documents.

Wall Mounted Ball Claws

Got a lucky soccer ball you don’t want to lose? Maybe you have a football signed by your favorite wide receiver? If you’re a sports fan that can’t quite get organized, our patented wall mounted ball holders are the way to go! These claws mount easily and securely to the wall, and the fingers of the claw can fit basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, kickballs, and many more! Equal parts sports equipment organization and decorative option, these ball holders are perfect for any diehard sports fan or budding athlete!