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Indoor Agriculture & Greenhouse Shelving

Grow anything, anywhere, anytime with our assortment of NSF Certified grow products and greenhouse shelving. With our selection of dollies, racks, and worktables, you’ll have the durability necessary for growing while also reducing the risk of accidents, spills, and plant damage. From dollies for transporting crops to worktables for trimming, you’ll find everything that you need for an efficient and organized indoor garden or greenhouse.

Whether you’re bringing your plants indoors for the winter, looking to reorganize your greenhouse with new shelves and tables, or embarking on a more industrial indoor grow operation, our agriculture & greenhouse shelving combines the strength of our wire shelving with the materials you need to keep your plants safe. Trimming, growing, cloning, cultivating - whatever you need to do to your plants, has the tools and supplies to make it easier.

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