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Indoor Agriculture

Grow anything, anywhere, anytime with our assortment of NSF Certified grow products. With our selection of dollies, racks, and worktables, you’ll have the durability necessary for growing while also reducing the risk of accidents, spills, and plant damage. From dollies for transporting crops to worktables for trimming, you’ll find everything that you need for an efficient and organized indoor garden.

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Hydro Table Hydro Table

Starting at: $788.33

Trim Table Trim Table

Our Price: $963.33
Drying Rack Frame Drying Rack Frame

Our Price: $228.33
Basket Arm Basket Arm

Our Price: $73.33
Heavy-Duty Lug Dolly Heavy-Duty Lug Dolly

Starting at: $343.50

Lug Tub Lug Tub

Our Price: $40.50
Lug Lid Lug Lid

Our Price: $36.75
Pan Racks Pan Racks

Starting at: $336.00

Tray Truck Tray Truck

Our Price: $1,006.50
Perforated Aluminum Tray Perforated Aluminum Tray

Our Price: $109.67
Solid Aluminum Tray Solid Aluminum Tray

Our Price: $96.75
Work Table w/ Backsplash Work Table w/ Backsplash

Starting at: $1,005.00

Work Table w/ Undershelf Work Table w/ Undershelf

Starting at: $1,054.50

Work Table Work Table

Starting at: $888.75

Work Table Undershelf Work Table Undershelf

Starting at: $165.75

Dunnage Rack Dunnage Rack

Our Price: $211.50