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Metro Wire Shelving

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Metro Wire Shelving 5 Shelf Starter Kits- Chrome Finish

The most popular finish for wire shelving, Metro brand chrome shelving provides a bright and reflective coating that protects the metal underneath from rust and marring, providing a durable surface for storing a number of different products and items. These five-shelf Metro wire shelving kits feature levers underneath each shelf that allow for easy adjustment of each shelf's resting height and provide unrivaled accessibility and durability.

Metro Wire Shelving 5 Shelf Add On Kits- Chrome Finish

These Metro shelving add-on kits are designed to expand the range and capacity of your current wire shelving setup to meet the changing storage needs of your business. From changing storage requirements to renovated space that needs extra shelving capacity, these add-ons can be configured end-to-end or at a right angle to add extra storage capacity to unused corners and make the most of all your available floor space.

Metro Wire Shelving 5 Shelf Starter Kits- Black Finish

A versatile companion piece to our black wire shelving kits, the Metro line of epoxy-coated black wire shelves are a sleek and durable alternative to the traditional chrome finish. The special epoxy coating and black finish allows them to withstand years of wear and tear in the home or the workplace, and are perfect for providing easy and organized access to anything you store in your garage, living room, office, or anywhere that needs some organization.

Metro Wire Shelving 5 Shelf Starter Kits- White Finish

Available in a different range of sizes than our white wire shelving kits, these white shelving starter kits provide a unique and attractive option for home storage that will blend well with your decor and provide a durable storage solution to last through the years. From the pantry to the closet and even the basement, these scratch-resistant shelves will work perfectly in any room that needs some tasteful additional storage - we've even had customers use them for product displays in their small business!