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Mezzanine Storage for Factories, Warehouses & Offices

  • Maximize your storage and office potential
  • Modular and cost-effective solution
  • Doubles floor capacity, add-on as needed

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4 Wall In-Plant Office Guard Rail Post
4 Wall In-Plant Office
Starting at $5,302.37
Barrier Rail Post
Our Price: $71.25

In-plant or shop floor offices are a great way to increase productivity in your warehouse, factory, or storage facility. By adding a space for your management, supervisors, and operations controllers to work in peace and quiet, they can get more work done without being distracted by the noise and commotion of the shop floor. For more technologically-advanced warehouses, it gives you a safe place to store your computers, tablets, and more to keep them charged and free from risk of theft.

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Consider These Benefits
  • Doubles floor capacity
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Modular design - add units as needed
  • Mezzanines can move with you if you relocate
  • Prefabricated for immediate use
  • Customized solution for limited spaces
Mezzanines by Shelving
Mezzanines by Shelving

Say the word “mezzanine” to most people and you’ll get a variety of reactions - the cheap seats at a concert venue, a band or album by that name, maybe just a confused look. Whatever your first reaction to the word might be, mezzanines are an effective and versatile way to increase the storage space of a facility without reducing the overall floor space or having to remove your current industrial storage installations.

Defined as “a partial story between two main stories of a building”, mezzanines allow you to add a second work or storage area to your building without massive building renovations or needing to take away precious room on the shop floor. The design versatility of our mezzanine modules let you increase storage space, add additional work platforms to an area, and increase the vertical usability of your existing shop floor. Heavy steel construction with smooth, safe edges and a baked enamel finish provide a smart looking, durable, and versatile mezzanine installation to meet any of your facility’s needs.

Are you considering adding a mezzanine floor to your warehouse? There’s a lot of careful thought and planning that has to go into it. Here’s some of the more major points to consider when designing a mezzanine for your workplace:


  • Span: Is column placement important? Twenty feet is a good rule of thumb.
  • Deflection: Also known as the horizontal sway or vertical "bounce" of the mezzanine- this is important to understand when shopping.
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA): Provides somewhat of your "bare bones" approach.
  • Seismic: Are you in a seismic zone? Most mezzanine applications are non-seismic but your provider can indicate if you are in an area that requires a seismic mezzanine.


  • International Building Code (IBC): Most common code you must adhere to today.
  • Flexibility: Do you require a standard design or custom? Free Standing or Rack/shelf supported?

Permits and Certification

  • Most municipalities require one. Many inspectors not aware of rules so ask a mezzanine expert for help regarding this.


  • Usually the height of a mezzanine is either "clear underneath" or "top of deck." Watch the "clear height" number, some manufactures use knee bracing which interferes with the clear height in the corners.
  • Loads: Will you be using this for general storage or for special equipment? Weight and footprint are important to consider.
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA): Provides somewhat of your "bare bones" approach.
  • Deck Surfaces: These vary from plywood to specialized decking. It is important to understand ramifications of deck as it applies to lighting and sprinkling underneath. Get to know the benefits and drawbacks of "B" deck, plywood, Resindek, steel flooring, bar grate, etc.
  • Interfacing: Will it interface with other equipment such as conveyors, etc?


  • Stairs and Railings: Do these accessories need to be placed inside the mezzanine or outside? Will you need walls around it or will you need railings? Is a platform needed? Is there an intermediate needed due to length? Do you desire treads, open or closed?
  • Gates: Do you prefer a slide gate, a swing gate, or a pivot gate for safety?


  • Will the area be free and clear of other material, or will installer need to work around existing product?
  • Do you have a forklift available?
  • Is proper lighting available during the installation?
  • Union or non-union crews?
  • These are items that will need to be discussed with your mezzanine provider prior to purchase. If shopping around for a suitable manufacturer/dealer, make sure you understand the differences between the choices mentioned above.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a specific question about a mezzanine to make your work space work harder for you. We're happy to help to make your project a great success.

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