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Double or triple your floor and storage space without massive building renovations or needing to take away precious room on the shop floor. The rugged elevated levels, walkways, and stairways add valuable floor space where you need it, at a significantly lower cost than purchasing a new building. Mezzanines let you increase storage space, attach additional work platforms to an area, and enhance the vertical usability of your existing shop floor. Our line of Equipto Modular Mezzanines makes this process even easier. The Modular Mezzanine kits include the platform with four decking options, OSHA compliant stairways, and railings.

Mezzanines are typically used for:

  • Storage
  • Production
  • Equipment and positioning support
  • Adding administrative space to warehouses and factories
  • Ordering & shipping modules

Mezzanine benefits include:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Less expensive than leasing or construction
  • Prefabricated for immediate use
  • Better organization and easier access help shorten lead times

Modular Mezzanines

Our pre-configured mezzanines offer quick and easy installation and are the most cost-efficient option for installation. Prefabrication also allows for shortened lead times and immediate setup so that your company doesn't lose production time. Our modular mezzanines are available with four decking options and we offer a wide variety of sizes to accommodate most warehouses.

Railings and Gates

Protecting workers from injury and proper access to the upper level are of top priority when installing a mezzanine. This is why we made it easy for you. We offer railings that follow OSHA regulation and will keep your employees below the mezzanine free from falling objects, while employees on top of the deck are protected from stepping over the edge. We also offer drop gates which pivot upwards so no floor space is required to operate the gate.

Stairways and Ship Stairs

How you plan to access your mezzanine will help you to decide on the proper stair option for your shop. Our selection of galvanized steel stairs will ensure a durable and efficient stairway system for safe access to products and equipment. Additionally, the designs are made to comply with the most up-to-date OSHA regulations, meaning you can purchase with peace of mind.