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NSF Medical Shelving

The medical industry is held to the highest standards of cleanliness, sanitation, and hygiene to ensure the safety of patients, practitioners, and pharmaceuticals alike. Facilities have to be cleaned frequently, employees have to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, and tools and supplies have to be sterilized and stored properly to guarantee a clean and safe environment for medical practices. is here to support you in your mission to protect the safety of your patients and workers with our NSF-approved shelving units. From secure storage to mobile utility carts and accessories, our shelving meets the NSF standards of safety no matter what you need them for. NSF restaurant shelving also available to uphold standards of cleanliness in the food service industry, and MetroMax antimicrobial shelving available to help increase safe storage for restaurants, hospitals, and more.

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14"d Nexelon Wire Shelves 14"d Nexelon Wire Shelves

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18"d Nexelon Wire Shelves 18"d Nexelon Wire Shelves

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