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Pallet Rack Identification Guide

What kind of pallet racking do I have? What are the different kinds of pallet racks? What are some pallet rack manufacturers?

These are questions any warehouse manager who uses pallet racking in their facility is bound to have eventually. From replacing damaged parts to expanding on your current industrial storage installations, understanding the different types of pallet racks and the components they require is crucial for keeping your facility stocked with exactly the right warehouse storage for whatever you need.

Many pallet racks are built on proprietary designs, which typically require specially-designed parts and components for any kind of expansion or repair - many times there will be identifying marks on each part such as manufacturer's stamp and part numbers. Before you repair or expand a currently installed pallet rack, or if you just want to learn more about your pallet rack options, then check out our pallet rack identification guide and get the information you need! Got any more questions about pallet racks? Call one of our experienced sales associates today for the information you need!

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