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Pallet Racking Safety Panels & Nets

Protect your employees and merchandise with these pallet racking safety panels and nets, which attach to pallet racks to prevent products falling into aisles. These solutions are OSHA-compliant, allow full visibility of wares, and can be fitted to work with your existing system.

Safety Panel Guards for Pallet Racks

Designed to affix to both types of pallet rack frames, these safety guard panels provide a barrier between your stock and any potential hazards to both safeguard your inventory and prevent injury and accident to your workers. The wire panels are designed to overhang your pallet racks by 3 inches, giving your pallets room to fit on your shelves safely behind the barrier while still being protected from accidents or damage.

Safety Netting for Pallet Racks

Safety netting is an economical and versatile product containment solution. With a load rating up to 2500 lbs., nets provide a protective barrier you can count on. These nets have modular single and multi-bay availability and give you the option for both flush and 3”-12” offset installation.

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