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Pallet Racking Components Capacities

Check out our Pallet Rack Capacity information sheet to learn more about the weight and storage capacities of the different types of pallet racking we sell!

About Pallet Racking

More and more businesses these days are buying in bulk. The benefits are clear - better inventory management, lower ordering costs, and easier shipping of bulk goods. All these items need to go somewhere, however, and more businesses are turning to pallet racking to solve their heavy duty storage needs. From increased capacity to warehouses to innovative store displays for bulk retailers, pallet racks are a versatile and durable way to store bulk goods in an easy-to-access fashion that allows you to load and unload high volume inventory faster than ever before.

The reinforced design of pallet racking means they can handle the heaviest loads and the toughest jobs, with capacities ranging from 1,800 to 12,600 pounds per tier. Consisting of two welded upright frames with connecting beams on each side provides strength, reliability, and easy assembly - all you need is a metal hammer and a helping hand! Best of all, the beams can be readjusted after assembly to meet the changing needs of your business.

Pallet racks allow for high-density storage of multiple pallets on multiple levels, providing maximum storage capacity at an affordable cost. Compatible with heavy equipment like pallet jacks, forklifts, and cherry pickers, pallet racking let you take advantage of all the available space in your storefront or warehouse. Available with solid steel decking or optional wire pallet rack decking to meet any storage need with convenience and durability.

Uses For Pallet Racks

Pallet racks are commonly used for industrial storage, warehousing applications, and retail storefronts thanks to their adaptability, versatility, and durability under even the heaviest loads. The open design makes inventory checks and item retrieval easier than ever before, and for long-term storage of high density bulk inventory pallet racks are one of your best industrial shelving options around.

Retail Storage: If you operate a retail business and you’re finding yourself with more inventory than available space, pallet racking can be just the answer you need. Use pallet racks to convert your sales floor into an extra stockroom by keeping sellable inventory on the bottom and stacking excess shipments and pallets on top to free up space and keep your products easily accessible. This method is particularly helpful with perishable goods, as the design of pallet racks allows you to create a first-in-first-out system to maintain inventory freshness and safety. Warehouse Storage: Pallet racks are an easy way to expand the storage capabilities of your warehouse with minimal expense and effort. The design of pallet racks allow you to create a better workflow and reinvent your floor plan by placing them around your warehouse where they’re needed most. Create aisles of shelving for easy forklift operation and help define your space better with pallet racks. Manufacturing Storage: Adaptable to many types of industries due to their convenience and capacity, pallet racks can improve the productivity and functionality of your workplace. The weight support of pallet racks can handle bulk items and materials, outbound shipments, or even heavy machinery to keep them safe and out of the way when not in use. Line your walls with pallet racks to leave the manufacturing floor open for safer travel and easier access to equipment, all while keeping the resources your staff needs close at hand.

Pallet Rack Assembly

In spite of it being super heavy duty, pallet racks are actually quite simple. The upright frames are welded together, so all that you have to do is insert the load bearing studs from the step beam into the teardrop shaped slots of the upright. Apply downward pressure and the beams will lock into the channels. Rest assured that the three point contact system is one of the strongest in the industry. If you ever need to relocate your shelves, the process is equally simple. Just grab a rubber mallet and disengage the locked studs (tap the step beam upward) and pop it out of the teardrop opening. Industrial pallet racking is customizable and scalable, so it changes with the demands of your business.

Benefits of Pallet Racking

Below are just some of the benefits you can expect when you choose pallet racking to expand your space and store your goods.
  • Small footprint saves floor space for extra storage
  • Steel construction supports heavy loads and increases safety
  • Can be bolted to the ground for added stability
  • Many pallet rack accessories available to customize racking for your needs
  • Modular design allows quick upgrades to existing systems
  • Incredibly scalable and adjustable, can grow with your space
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • In the event of damage, individual components can be replaced, saving you down the line
  • Easy assembly and installation saves on labor costs
  • Ready for immediate shipment
Make your warehouse storage investment with Shelving Inc and you'll see savings both immediately and in the long run. Save on the cost of your purchase/installation, then save on operations cost by increasing the efficiency of your work flow. Cut spending now and increase your bottom line later with Industrial Pallet Racking from Shelving Inc.

Pallet racks are a versatile and convenient way to increase the storage capacity of your business, no matter what you sell or how you make it. To learn even more about the benefits of pallet racking for your facility, warehouse, or retail location, contact today!