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Free 10-point Warehouse Safety Inspection

Get your free 10-point Warehouse Safety Inspection by calling us at 1.800.637.9508 or by using the above form. It is recommended that a warehouse safety inspection be completed at least once a year. Our safety inspections have saved businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential OSHA fines and prevented workplace accidents that were waiting to happen.’s safety inspection includes an onsite analysis of:

  1. Upright column integrity
  2. Dented or bent columns
  3. Horizontal and diagonal strut integrity
  4. Beam connection to upright columns
  5. Safety pins or safety clips for beams
  6. Condition of decking materials
  7. Distance of products stored on top shelf from heating units
  8. Anchoring of uprights to floor
  9. Bracing to walls
  10. Beam rotation or deflection

Read more about our free safety inspections.

Pallet Racking Styles
Tear Drop Pallet Racks

Named for the tear-drop shaped holes that are punched into the upright frames, these are the most popular style of racking on the market today. Since almost all manufacturers use the same design, these parts are often interchangeable with other brands. The cross beams feature two safety catches on either end which fit into the larger part of the teardrop and locked into place with gravity. No tools are required for assembly.

Double Slotted Pallet Racks

Sometimes called "Angled Slots," these racks feature a double punched face that accepts the angled tabs from its component cross beams. Originally manufactured by Penco Products, other companies have taken up the charge to create additional components and accessories, allowing you to replace, add on, and custom configure your slotted racking.

For additional details such as weight capacities, visit our Pallet Rack Info Page

Welded Wire Decks

Increase the versatility of your heavy duty pallet racks by adding wire decks. Fully welded and reinforced with u-channel supports, wire decking prevents items from falling between racks, mitigating damage caused by accidents. Additionally, wire decking conforms to fire safety standards by allowing sprinkler systems to penetrate deeper levels in the event of a fire. Take care of your products and your facility by purchasing wire decking.

Pallet Racking Accessories

Not everything that is warehoused fits neatly on a pallet, but that shouldn't stop you from staying organized. Use fork entry bars and drum cradles for bulky, round, or oddly shaped items that may not stack squarely. Customize your pallet racks with other accessories, such as rack column protectors, galvanized flanged cross bars, row spacers, and wall Spacers. Dividers for wire decking makes it easy to keep items separated, while magnetic label holders allow you to keep everything in place.

Pallet Rack Safety Guards

Invest in safety with Rack Guarding and Aisle Shield protectors. Made from welded wire mesh, these panels affix to the back and sides of the pallet racks to prevent items from falling. Accidents occur in the workplace, but injuries don't have to. If human error causes a pallet to tumble, these guards will protect employees from falling objects. Your merchandise is also kept from a long fall, saving it from damage. Protect your people and your products with pallet rack safety panels.

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