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Pallet Racking Systems and Components

Did you know we offer installation and maintenance services? Deciding on the right style and dimensions for your racking is just the beginning. We can assist in moving existing racking, installing new racking, and maintaining the units for safety and longevity. Whether you need someone to manage a long-term project or handle assembly, we are here to help.

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Pallet Racking Styles

Teardrop Pallet Racks

Named for the teardrop-shaped holes that are punched into the support beams, teardrop racks are the most popular racking style on the market today. The universal nature of the teardrop design means parts can often be interchanged between brands of pallet racking, giving you a wide range of customization and configuration options. Best of all, no tools are required for assembly, saving you on labor costs and time commitments.

Double Slotted Pallet Racks

Also referred to as angled slots, these racks feature a double-punched face to accept angled tabs as opposed to the straight-on tabs of teardrop racks. Available from several different pallet racking brands, slotted pallet racks offer you the same durability at a new angle for enhanced storage and accessibility options.

Pallet Racking Decks

Pallet racks from are available in two different styles of decking: standard steel and wire decking, which offers similar durability while helping to increase safety and reduce accidents by preventing items from falling between racks and allowing better flow for both sprinkler systems and your building's HVAC installations. The addition of wire decking can help you take care of your products, your facility, and your workers.

Pallet Racking Accessories & Components

Irregularly shaped items are a headache for any warehouse manager, but just because an item can't fit neatly on a pallet doesn't mean it shouldn't get organized! We offer a variety of pallet rack accessories such as drum cradles, column protectors, and row spacers to help keep your products safe and provide a home for anything you need to store that can't quite fit on a standard pallet.

Pallet Rack Safety Guards

Protect your investment in both your inventory and your workers with our pallet rack safety guards. Made from durable welded wire mesh, these panels can affix to the back and sides of your pallet racks to prevent items from falling. Your merchandise will be protected from any sudden trips to the floor, and your workers will be kept safe from accident and injury with these durable safety panels.

Free 10-point Warehouse Safety Inspection

Get your free 10-point Warehouse Safety Inspection by calling us at 1.800.637.9508 or by using the above form. It is recommended that a warehouse safety inspection be completed at least once a year. Our safety inspections have saved businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential OSHA fines and prevented workplace accidents that were waiting to happen.'s safety inspection includes an onsite analysis of:

  1. Upright column integrity
  2. Dented or bent columns
  3. Horizontal and diagonal strut integrity
  4. Beam connection to upright columns
  5. Safety pins or safety clips for beams
  6. Condition of decking materials
  7. Distance of products stored on top shelf from heating units
  8. Anchoring of uprights to floor
  9. Bracing to walls
  10. Beam rotation or deflection

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