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Pallet Track

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Move pallets with ease with Pallet Track from Unex. These tracks work with pallet racks to provide a gravity flow solution for pallets, reducing labor costs and increasing storage efficiency.


  • Attaches to pallet racks or floor
  • Allows for FIFO storage
  • Reduces forklift use
  • Reduces labor costs
  • Spring-loaded rear stop to prevent pallets from falling off the rack when being pushed back accidentally
  • Single or double-deep pallet configurations available
  • Increases storage density
  • Eco-friendly - no energy consumption
  • Available in custom sizes to the half-inch
  • 2 year warranty

Pallet Track is available with wheel and roller tracks. Find out the strengths of both type below. Mouse over the check mark for an explanation.

Wheel Roller

Capacity Higher load capacity

Flexibility Able to handle GMA ("wrong way") wooden pallets

Stability Provides more product contact to support pallets

Versatility Can be configured to be used with 2, 3, or 4 tracks


Unex's Pallet Track can be expertly configured to fit your specific needs. Below are the two most popular styles.

Pallet Handling This Pallet Track configuration converts static pallet positions to dynamic storage positions, and is ideal for fast-moving SKUs that are picked straight from the pallet.
Pallet Flow Rack This Pallet Track configuration is designed to be integrated with existing pallet rack. It features a ramp stop to keep stored pallets from sliding out of the rack.


For a complete list of specifications, click here.

Roller Pallet Track
  • Uses full-width 1.9” diameter roller-mounted in a pair of 3.5” high by 1.25” leg by 12 ga. galvanized steel channels
  • Lengths: 24” to 144” in ½” increments
Wheel Rail Pallet Track
  • Uses inline or staggered pattern of 1.9” diameter wheels
  • Capacity:  per roller
  • Mounted in a pair of 2.5” high by 1” leg by 12 ga. galvanized steel channels
  • Lengths: 24” to 144” in ½” increments


Rail Support Mount Anti Backup
For floor mounted applications For wheel rail


CASE STUDY: Maletis Beverage

Span-Track by UNEX Gets Kegs off the Ground and Gives Beer Distributor Room to Grow

A thriving beer distributor now has an efficient and space-saving system for storing and moving mini-kegs, thanks to a customized Span-Track system from UNEX.

With the beer business booming, workers at Maletis Beverage must manage hundreds of mini-kegs of domestic and imported beer that arrive each day at the distribution center in Portland, Oregon.

“We have 400 different types of beer in these kegs because there are so many micro breweries in the area,” says Jason Lucas, Facility Warehouse Manager. “In the past few years, we’ve picked up a couple of thousand SKUs, and our building isn’t getting any bigger." Read more...