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Push Back High Density Racking

What is Push Back Racking?

Our push back system provides selectivity in the horizontal and vertical storage plane while maintaining multiple pallets stored in depth. This flexible system allows a customer to store from 2 to 6 pallets in depth. These systems can be placed back to back allowing for a maximum of 12 pallets deep of storage. A cart is manufactured with a welded front, middle and rear cross member. The wheels on the carts travel inside an I beam rail. This heavy duty system even ties the rails to all the support beams.

Konstant Pushback system when empty, showing color-coded carts

Konstant Pushback system when full

The carts provide full support for the pallet and as well the Konstant Push Back system can provide a safety bar between the rails for the last pallet stored on the rails.

This versatile system allows for the frames to be arranged in a traditional straight line front to back or a staggered frame pattern. The patented staggered pattern reduces the column load which reduces loading on the floor. It also reduces the capacity required on the support beam thus reducing the height of the beam and increasing the available vertical height.

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Benefits of Push Back High Density Racking

  • Selectivity: Every vertical level pick face can be a different SKU. This properly used system averages an occupancy rate of 80-90%.
    This system works with most types of forklifts. Pallet configuration can range from 2 to 12 pallets deep.
  • Durability: All carts, rails and support structure is produced from structural components. The only mechanical parts in the system are the four wheels per cart.
  • Inventory Control: F.I.F.O can be achieved when batch lot products. The fork truck remains in the aisle and does not enter the system.

How It Works (Using a Three-Deep Pushback as an example)

  1. Each lane is equipped with a pair of inclined rails and a series of color-coded nested carts. The first pallet (supports up to six) has been placed by the lift truck on the top (orange-colored) cart.
  2. The second pallet is loaded by pushing back the first load and placing it on the next exposed cart.
  3. Pallet three is loaded similarly. The last pallet is place on the rails themselves.
  4. When removing product the lift truck takes out the front pallet, allowing the pallets on carts behind it to roll gently to the front of the rack.

Features and Benefits of Push Back Racking

Structural Cart

1. Carts are fully welded with a front, middle and rear structural tie. Better support for weaker or damaged pallets results in years of trouble-free operation - a hallmark of Konstant

2. Unlike other pushback designs - all carts in each lane are full size - not progressively smaller. Provides a consistent loading platform for each pallet loaded into the system - which helps the operator load the system quickly and safely!

3. Carts are made from structural angle and tube sections. Pushback handles abuse better than other Pushback systems during loading and unloading of the system. It can take the bumps and knocks that happen too often.

4. Upper Carts are visible from the aisle. Loading the system is much easier when carts can be seen by the operator. The multi-colored carts provide a great guide!

5. Carts are color coded. The color of carts visible at the front of the installation enable staff to know - at a glance - how many pallets are in each lane - perfect for counting inventory!

6. The cart legs position the wheels to run flat on the surface of the rail. Better wheel surface contact requires less force to turn the wheel which results in less force to push the pallet! This means far less wear and tear on the lift truck mast and much smaller draw in power!