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Boltless & Rivet Shelving

Boltless shelving - also known as rivet shelving - is one of the hardest-working, most accommodating shelving types we have to offer.

Offering an adjustable and reconfigurable open design that allows easy access to anything you need to organize from all sides, boltless shelving is a versatile option for increasing productivity in your warehouse, office, or work area. The high-density storage has sturdier shelves and posts than other shelving types, providing a much higher weight capacity to store heavier items like bulky tools, large parts, or excess inventory. With its industrial strength, there’s a greater degree of security and reliability.

The term “boltless” comes from the assembly. Boltless shelves/rivet shelves assemble with rivets rather than the standard bolts, clips, and fasteners that are used to construct other, similar types of shelving. Built in at the ends of each individual beam, the rivets lock firmly into keyhole-shaped slots on the posts to form the rigid storage. The construction is that easy! There’s no need for special tools - apart from a rubber mallet to fix the shelf levels in place.

Boltless and rivet shelving systems are a type of industrial shelving that can help expand the storage capacity of your warehouse, archive record storage facility, or supply room. Browse our selection to find the perfect boltless shelving solution for your workspace, or contact Shelving Inc. for help figuring out what storage can best meet your needs.

Rivetwell Boltless Rivet Shelving

Produced and designed by Hallowell, a trusted name in the storage industry, the Rivetwell line comes in a number of different styles and configurations to meet any organizational need your business might encounter. Every kit can be customized to meet your space and measurement needs with modular units that can create continuous runs of shelving.

Single rivet shelves feature low-profile beams to maximize vertical distance between shelves to increase capacity, and are available in 5-8 level units. Double rivet shelving is also available for extra durability and weight capacity, and is available in standard parchment finish or a black powder coat to better match the look of your workplace.

More than standard shelving, the Rivetwell range includes specialized storage units for specific applications. Tire storage racks help you keep your garage or mechanic's shop free of some of the biggest obstructions, and our record storage shelves provide a safe and reliable place for long-term document & archival storage. Each standard unit offers different decking options including the exclusive EZ-Deck metal base for easy access, and the Featherdeck corrugated plastic deck for lightweight applications and chemical-resistant safety.
Browse our selection of Rivetwell shelving and find the perfect storage solution for your business today.