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Roller Racks

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Increase warehouse efficiency with Roller Rack carton flow. Roller Racks can mean up to 80% less travel time for pickers and 7x more SKU density. Whether used alone or combined into a bay, Roller Racks will save you space, time, and money.


  • Installs fast with adjustable keystone beam clips
  • Frame uses less steel than pallet rack
  • Faster to install and knock down than pallet rack
  • Modular design for bays or standalone units
  • Ensures FIFO rotation
  • Up to 7x more SKU density per bay than pallet rack
  • 80% less travel time for pickers
  • Restock without interrupting pick line
  • 7 year warranty

Roller Racks use Span Track, which is available in 2 main varieties: Bed and Lane. Find out the strengths of both types of gravity flow below. Mouse over the check mark for an explanation.

Bed Lane

Capacity High-capacity options allow for stacking

Flexibility Effortless reslotting with fins for changing track size

Stability Provides 300% more product contact to support weaker boxes

Versatility Works with multiple carton sizes


Roller Racks are available in two main configurations. Each is available with Span Track Rollers or Wheel Beds. Click the images below for a larger view.

Roller Rack Four lanes of Span Track that stands alone or can be combined into continuous bays.
Knuckled Roller Rack Features four lanes of Span Track with internal knuckles that angle cartons for easy picking. Perfect for partial case picks.


For a complete list of specifications, click here.

  • 1.5" x 3.5" beam
  • capacity per pair
  • Available in 4' and 8' widths and 5', 6', 8', and 10' depths
  • 1.75" square tube
  • 2" on center keystone punching
Carton Flow
  • Span-Track Lane
  • Span-Track Bed
  • Knuckle or Straight


CASE STUDY: George J. Falter Co., Inc.

Distributor Maximizes Space, Boosts Efficiency and Reduces Labor Costs with Roller Rack Solution from UNEX

Walk down any convenience store candy aisle, and you’ll see a new product or service every other week. All that variety is great for consumers, but it can wreak havoc on the distribution center that has to store and pick the product and support the services – unless you have the perfect carton flow system in place.

In 2011, an inefficient and cumbersome pick line in an existing mezzanine area was undersized and falling apart and slowing workers down at George Falter in Baltimore, Maryland. “Our old system had lanes with plastic wheel tracks that would get busted up, and product would fall through or get hung up,” explains Frank Falter, CEO of George J. Falter Co. Inc. “Plus, the layout of the area made it tough for employees to reach products easily and safely.”