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Rust-Resistant Wire Shelving

Although standard wire shelving is very durable, certain environments such as commercial refrigerators and cleanrooms, require special types of this storage. To accommodate a wide range of working conditions, we offer Metro and Nexel rust-resistant wire shelving in a variety of high-grade finishes. Providing your shelves with protection against rust, corrosion, and damage from exposure to extreme conditions, this NSF-approved (National Sanitation Foundation) storage is ideal for commercial, industrial, food service, and healthcare industries.


Nexelon antimicrobial wire shelving can withstand extreme wet, hot, and cold conditions. Its dark blue metallic epoxy coating is chemical and impact resistant, and features NEXGard, an antimicrobial agent for protection against bacteria, mold, and mildew growth. Backed by a limited lifetime guarantee against rust and corrosion and is NSF-approved for dry and wet applications.


Poly-Z-Brite wire shelving mimics the appearance of chrome wire shelving, but its clear epoxy coating with NEXGard antimicrobial agent provides greater durability and protection from rust, corrosion, bacteria, and more. With an attractive finish that handles temperature and moisture extremes well, this line of rust-proof shelving is ideal for retail displays, coolers, and freezers. Includes a limited 15-year warranty against rust and corrosion. NSF-certified for dry and wet usage.

Silver EP

Silver EP (Nexelate) rust-proof wire shelving is solidly constructed to support dry and wet storage needs. Featuring a silver epoxy powder coat finish, this storage not only offers an attractive look, but also protection against rust and corrosion. Includes a limited 7-year warranty and is NSF-listed.