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Meet the Resource Team

During an interview, our CEO was asked what makes Shelving Incorporated stand out from its competitors. He answered without skipping a beat: the people. We employ a close knit group of highly qualified individuals to assist our customers as they seek their perfect storage solution. We call them "The Resource Team," since they are more than just sales staff. Whether calling or using live chat, you can rely on them for assistance, information, customer service, and project planning. Get to know our experts below.

Sandy Ison

After 15 years of dedicated service, we are proud to boast that Sandy is the leader of our Resource Team. She is an expert in inside sales to both the private sector and our federal customers (specializing in GSA contract sales). If there is a specific product you need but cannot locate, rest assured that Sandy will be able to source it for you. That's part of what makes her so great!

If you surprised Sandy with a chartered plane to a private island, she'd only need three things to keep her happy: Her husband, son, and daughter. Although, you could sweeten the deal with an HDTV tuned in to Detroit Tigers baseball.

Otherwise, Sandy dreams of one day retiring to beautiful, sunny South Carolina. You might find her there, sipping an iced tea on a screened in (highly-organized) sun-porch.

Mick Ison

The other half of our dynamic-duo, Mick is our Go-To Shelving Guy. His role within the Resource Team is inside sales and support representative, meaning he can get you what you need, whether it's a new shelving system or a concept drawing for your warehouse design. If you need someone with infinite patience, you'll want to deal with Mick. His ability to listen is what makes him a valuable asset to our company and your storage project.

Since most of Mick's answers were already put out there by his wife (see above), we'll tell you a bit more about him as a person. Mick really doesn't get the meaning of "going above and beyond" for customer service, because he thinks you should always do everything you can to help a customer. Also, if he worked in a circus, he'd probably be the guy that they shot out of the cannon, just because it sounds fun!