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Span Track - Lane

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From Unex comes the original carton flow rack - a solution time-tested for durability that has a legacy of harmonizing warehouse operations. The Span Track Lane features an all metal construction that supports your product like no other gravity flow. Optimize your picking with Span Track to decrease travel time and increase throughput by 150%.


  • Attaches to pallet racks
  • Drop-in design for easy installation
  • Impact zones for load end
  • Built-in label holders
  • Rated to withstand temperatures down to -20°
  • Patented Interior notching saves vertical space
  • Customizable ends for your exact needs
  • Light, Standard, and Heavy-duty options
  • Available in custom to-the-inch sizes
  • 7 year warranty

Unex's Span Track is available in 2 main varieties: Bed and Lane. Find out the strengths of both types of gravity flow below. Mouse over the check mark for an explanation.

Bed Lane

Capacity High-capacity options allow for stacking

Flexibility Effortless reslotting with fins for changing track size

Stability Provides 300% more product contact to support weaker boxes

Versatility Works with multiple carton sizes


Span Track Lane is available in a number of configurations to suit your unique applications. Click the images below for a larger view.

Low Profile Nests between beams on hangers for maximum use of vertical space. Used for full case or each pick. Perfect for racks with pallet storage above
High Profile Rests on rack beams. Typically used in loose pick applications or where contouring racks is preferred. The fully adjustable overhang allows track to extend beyond pallet rack depth.
Knuckles Available for low and high profile tracks. Angled at 20° for increased efficiency in open box picking.
Hangerless Adjustable length track sits on the ledge of step beams in the front and rear, keeping the face of the beam clear.
Pick Trays Presents open cases to order pickers so product can be picked without interference and in full sight.
Deck Track Pushback-style for loading and picking from the front. Usually used against walls.
Cell Track Use in a flow cell to create a modular, dynamic storage unit designed for your unique operation.


For a complete list of specifications, click here.

  • Light duty: up to per foot
  • Standard duty: up to per foot
  • Heavy duty: up to per foot
  • 98 & 99 series: 0.75" roller (aluminum or steel)
  • 100 series: 1.38” roller (steel/bearing)


Impact Plates Slow Down Strips Pressure Relief Stops Infeed Guides Guard Rails
Steel protection to handle toughest loading conditions Add friction to slow cartons before transfer to knuckles or trays Ramp stop that eases back pressure to make front-case pick easier Snap on to the axle to indicate locations Available for some models


CASE STUDY: Southern Wine & Spirits

UNEX keeps spirits flowing at two distribution centers

Southern Wine & Spirits’ Santa Fe Springs, CA and Louisville, KY facilities use Span-Track flow rack systems to keep the product rolling

The largest distributor of wine and spirits in the country, Southern Wine was serving Southern California from a total of  spread over five different warehouses and  with the city of Los Angeles in between them. The logistics of balancing inventory of 12,000 SKU’s over five warehouses while servicing customers in the LA market posed a real challenge. Read more...