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Tool Outfitting Service

Our new tool outfitting service simplifies the process of ordering and maintaining your company’s stock of tools. This capability eliminates the need to go through multiple vendors for different tools to get the best price.

How it Works

We have developed a way to stock tools in company tool cribs, ultimately saving time and money. Companies will have access to a company-specific website that is customized to the particular tools they need for their crib. The Shelving Inc. team can deliver and equip warehouses with inventory, or even meet clients remotely in the field with tools as needed.

Tools Offered

  • Milwaukee Tool battery powered and hand tools
  • Klein Tools hand tools
  • Vaughan hammers
  • Streamlight flashlights
  • Estex bags
  • HexArmor cut-resistant gloves
  • Energizer batteries
  • Buckingham Manufacturing safety and utility products
  • And more

The ultimate goal is to ease company operations and make the reordering process more efficient for our customers. From building up the supply of tools within a client’s warehouse, to building tool cribs and modifying them, we can now be a one stop shop for our customers.

If interested in this service, call Tool Outfitting Service Expert Dave Dolinski at 248-852-8600, or fill out the form below and a team member will reach out to you shortly.