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Wall Shelves

These elegant wall shelves add understated style to any home or office setting, all while helping to reduce clutter and give you a place to show off your most treasured photos, collectibles, or anything else. From wall mounted wooden shelves to light and airy glass shelving, and even some extra restaurant shelving and displays, you’ll find the style you need for your decor and storage needs.

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Floating Wall Shelves

A shelf is considered "floating" when the brackets aren't visible, as if the shelf just floats without support. In reality, there are many methods that can hide a bracket, such as the keyhole method or a slotted channel. Most all of our wall shelves include the hardware for installation, though you may wish to purchase wall anchors depending on your wall's construction.

Glass Shelving

Dolle's Glass Art shelves offer a unique style to your rooms while providing a functional elegance. With a contemporary and sleek design, a few well placed glass shelves make a great display. If you're remodeling your home or looking to redesign your living space, be sure to look into these affordable accent pieces.

Beech Wood Wall Shelving

For greener products, it is necessary to reduce waste from larger industries. That is what these wood shelves aim to do. Made from 65-90% residual materials recovered in the sawmill industry, this line of sleek looking wall accents create the perfect display shelf. Place different shelves side by side to create a wave pattern or mount them vertically to create tiered storage. Bring a natural look to your home with this living room shelving.