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Ways to Use Our Wire Shelving

Did you know that Shelving Inc. brand products are available in a variety of options? Our wire shelves come in 59 sizes that can be matched with any of our 14 different post heights, allowing users to create countless combinations that fit exactly in their space. We also have our NSF-certified wire shelving in three finishes: chrome (for dry environments), and black and white epoxy (for humid/wet environments).

Along with our modular components, we offer an extensive line of optional wire shelving accessories such as casters, dividers, ledges, and liners that can be added to enhance your storage. With numerous easy-to-install styles, customizing your solution to best serve your needs is quite simple.

Because our parts can be arranged in a multitude of ways, we paired our most popular products together to give you unique configurations in addition to our easy-to-order wire shelving units. Thanks to our wide range of wire shelves, posts, and accessories, the ways to use our wire shelving are endless!

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