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Wire Shelf Liners

Add a more usable surface to your wire shelving with our selection of wire shelf liners. Designed for use on ventilated wire shelving, our shelf liners are available in 0.125" thick colored PVC, 0.06" thick clear acrylic, 0.025" thick black and translucent polypropylene, and 0.036" thick acrylic poly-nylon blend wood grain!

Wooden shelf liners allow you to create more counter space in a kitchen or storage space throughout the house and plastic liners allow you to stabilize small and more unusually-shaped items, without worrying about the gaps between the wires on your shelves. Each liner is specifically designed to fit our wire shelving, with cutouts for the corners and posts to ensure a perfect fit.

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Colored Liners for Wire Shelving

Our colorful liners are made of 1/8" PVC plastic, making them great for residential or commercial storage applications. Each insert can hold up to 300 lbs of evenly distributed weight. Built with flexibility in mind, each liner has a certain degree of bend that prevents accidental damage. Corners are notched to fit around posts. Many colors are available for purchase. We're currently featuring 2 packs of limited edition colors for a custom look!

Translucent Liners for Wire Shelving

The economical choice for lightweight applications, translucent liners are only 1 mm thick. Since the ventilated construction of wire shelving can prove difficult to store smaller or a-symmetrical products, these plastic inserts are a must have. If you frequently access the inventory on your wire shelving units, you'll find that these liners make it easier to slide/adjust your goods. Don't get hung up on the snags between rungs, get a solid surface with a translucent liner.

Hardwood Inserts for Wire Shelving

Wooden tops are available in exclusive sizes. Made from natural North American hardwoods, these inserts are often referred to as Butcher Block Tops because they frequently serve as cutting boards. With a clean look and a smooth finish, these 1" thick tops work well as prep tables and are a great way to make your wire shelving unit look more presentable. Each hardwood liner features notched corners to fit around posts.