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See What Shelving Can Do for You

Click the video below to see how Shelving Inc. was able to transform an empty warehouse into a fully functional distribution center for Zatkoff Seals and Packings.

Shelving Inc has been contracted by Zatkoff Seals & Packings for years. One of our best customers, Zatkoff has an eye for quality and a need for timely delivery. We have made it our goal to exceed expectations in every facet, maintaining a loyal client and providing exemplary work.

For this project, we installed a three tiered mezzanine shelving system in a 9,000 square foot warehouse. The high density shelving allowed them to easily organize the small parts in their distribution center. Three levels of storage meant taking advantage of all overhead space, maximizing the square footage of the building without costly additions.

Finally, a push back rack was installed for palletized loads. Slightly different than standard pallet racking, push back racks allow you to store multiple pallets in the same bay utilizing glided bases on a small track. This also creates a first-in last-out inventory control system, which is perfect for durable goods like seals and gaskets.

Shelving Inc is proud to say that:

  • We haven't missed an installation deadline in 25+ years
  • Our shelving and racks have never failed under stress of the rated loads
  • Licensed welder on staff allows for custom fabrication and on-the-spot solutions

Below, you can watch the testimonial video featuring Gary Zatkoff, owner of Zatkoff Seals & Packings.