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Retail Shelving & Gondola Shelving

The backbone of any retail display, gondola shelves are an important and commonly seen type of retail shelving that allows you to store and display products more effectively. With gondola shelving, you can create specially-designed retail installations for stores of any size, no matter what you sell or how you want to attract the customer.

Designed to support and display retail products, Lozier brand gondola retail shelving from Shelving Inc comes in a variety of designs and shapes to meet the space and storage needs of any retail storefront. Starter gondola shelving units allow you to create a standalone shelving island, supported by wall units that can line the outer walls of your retail space and add additional storage for your most popular inventory. By connecting these gondola racks to one another, you can help create a cohesive, interconnected retail display for your products that can help your customers find what they’re looking for in a way that won’t interfere with your floor plan or make it harder to get around in your store.

Lozier retail shelves can be customized to help meet the needs of your individual store or retail outlet, no matter how many gondola shelves you need or what you need them to do. Contact Shelving Inc to discuss a custom storage solution for your retail store, or check out our wire shelving andsteel shelving options for retail backroom storage solutions.

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