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Black and White Wire Shelving

We're here to supply the right storage for the right situations. Maybe chrome wire shelving doesn't quite meet your environment's requirements. Or perhaps you're searching for the solution in a subtle color. Either way, this storage is a great alternative and there are several benefits of using it.

Because it's durably constructed and aesthetically pleasing, our black and white epoxy-coated wire shelving is popularly used in offices to organize supplies, retail stores to display products, and homes to clear up clutter. And with a resistance to rust and corrosion, it's the ideal storage for moist/humid environments.

Choosing a finish that can appropriately handle your space's conditions will ensure that your shelving system will last. For even more epoxy-coated styles, check out our selection of Metro wire shelving, available in a range of colors including green wire shelving, black, gray, white, and smoked glass.

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