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Bulk Storage Racks

When you have goods that are too heavy or large for shelving, but don't require powered lift equipment to load, we recommend using Lyon's bulk storage racks in your facility.

Combining the best of industrial shelving and pallet racking, bulk storage racks are durable, reconfigurable, and one of the strongest industrial storage solutions we offer. Consisting of heavy-duty, powder-coated steel components, they're designed to store a larger capacity of weight per level. And should needs change, units can easily be adjusted or enhanced with additional parts and accessories.

With several configurations and sizes of starter and add-on units, and separately-sold accessories, decking, and parts available, we're here to help you secure the right bulk storage racking to handle your project.

Bulk Storage Rack Options

Lyon bulk storage racks are configured with different decking to accommodate almost any need. When you're choosing bulk storage rack for your facility, you'll want to consider what you intend to store. Let us help you select the best style for your business.
Bulk Storage Racks with Solid Steel Decking
If you need bulk storage rack that will securely hold objects of all sizes, this is an excellent option. The solid steel decking has a smooth, uninterrupted surface to effectively contain leaks and spills, and prevent items from falling through to the levels below.
Bulk Storage Racks with Ribbed Decking
Lyon constructs their ribbed decking from 20-gauge steel, providing users with a rugged storage surface that prevents goods from falling through to the levels below. 5/8" deep by 1-3/4" width ribs create spaces, allowing workers to grab items without pinching their fingers.
Bulk Storage Racks with Galvanized Flat Wire Decking
Not only do these bulk storage racks ensure flexibility for changing applications, but also visibility of inventory and compliancy with building fire codes. The decking's 5-gauge galvanized steel, 4" x 2" open wire mesh construction allows for easier inventory control, improves air circulation to prevent dust accumulation, lets light filter through each level, and supports an unrestricted flow of sprinkler systems in case of fire.
Bulk Storage Racks with Particle Board Decking
5/8" thick particle board decking provides users with a smooth, solid, and sturdy storage surface to organize items on. It's made from material that's less expensive than steel and suitable for a variety of applications - making this bulk storage racking the most economical and versatile option.