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Component Details

All shelving complies with SMA and ANSI MH 28.1-1982

OFFSET ANGLE: 1-1/8" wide x 2-1/2" deep. The rear flange is punched to accept sway braces or backs, the side flange is punched to accept side sway braces or side panels.

POSTS: punched for clip or nut and bolt construction. Shelves and accessories are vertically adjustable on 1" centers. Side sway braces or side panels can be attached to the side flange of the post. Bolts, nuts, and sway braces or panels will not obstruct the full adjustability of the shelves.

BOX POST: is roll formed and has overall dimensions of 3/4" wide x 2-7/16" deep. It is flush within 1/4" of the face of the shelves when assembled.

SIDE PANELS 24 gauge: each side is punched with holes for bolting to posts.

BACKS 24 gauge: punched with holes on each side for bolting to angle posts and in the middle for using a back panel clip.

SWAY BRACES 12 gauge: 3/4" steel X punched at each end for bolting to posts and at the center for strength and ease of assembly

CLIPPER SHELF CLIP 14 gauge: one piece of rugged compression type steel to insert into either box or offset angle posts to form a positive four point connection. Clips have two claw-like hooks to seat firmly into post slots and two tabs at bottom to seat into post holes for a tight friction connection. Zinc plated finish. All shelves come with four clips.

SHELVES: CONVENTIONAL FLANGE 18 gauge: 1-3/16" vertical face on all four sides, front and rear faces to have 17/32" return flange 90 degrees with the edges coined upward to prevent snagging. Sides to have a 5/8" return flange 90 degrees. All four shelf corners are closed by lapping and spot welding together to provide a firm, rigid shelf. Shelf is universally punched for use with all available accessories and for clip or bolted assembly. Available sizes are as follows*: 24", 30", 36", 42" and 48" widths and 9", 12", 15", 18", 24", 30" and 36" depths. Shelves can be reinforced by adding 1-3/32" x 11 ga. bars or 1" x 1" x 1/8" angles to front and back flanges.

SHELVES: CLIPPER HI-PERFORMANCE BOX FORMED: Medium Duty, Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty are manufactured from cold rolled steel in three material thicknesses that provide up to three different shelf capacities per size. Shelves have 1-1/4" face on all four sides. Front and rear faces have four 90 degree bends providing a 3/4" x 1-1/4" high tubular shape with an 11/16" wide flange seated against the underside of the shelf. The flange is spot welded to the underside of the shelf on 3" centers. Sides have a 5/8" return flange 90 degrees. All four corners are closed by lapping and spot welding together. Medium Duty and Heavy Duty shelf tabs for lapping and welding have formed ribs to maintain the same snug fit in the shelf clip as the extra heavy duty shelf. Overall, the shelf depth and width is 1/4" less than nominal. The shelf is punched for divider adjustment on 1-1/2" centers and for attachment of label holders, bin fronts and base fronts. Hi-Performance shelves are available in the following sizes*: 36", 42", & 48" widths and 12", 15", 18", 24", 30" & 36" depths.

EXTRA HEAVY DUTY SHELVES 13 gauge: Reinforced (Class 3) Hi-Performance shelves provide maximum capacity using Extra Heavy Duty shelves that are reinforced using 13 gauge side shelf supports bolted to the Clipper posts and 14 gauge 1-5/32" high hat shaped center supports held in place by a notch and flange in the side shelf support.

LEDGE TOPS 14 gauge: face of ledge is 1-1/8" and has a center reinforcing pan. Ledge top projects 1-1/8" beyond the face of the post and has two 14 gauge angles welded to underside for strength and bolting to post. For use with box posts below ledge.

LEDGE ENDS 14 gauge: furnished to give ledge top a finished appearance.

COUNTER TOPS 14 gauge: face of counter top is 1-1/8" and projects 1-1/8" beyond face of post with a welded center reinforcing pan. Units are furnished with box post front and rear for finished appearance. 14 gauge counter top ends can be furnished at the ends of all rows for a finished appearance.

COUNTER FRONT 18 gauge: attached with no exposed fasteners.

BASE STRIP 18 gauge: attached to face of shelf with bolts and nuts to close space between the bottom of the shelf and the floor.

LABEL HOLDER 24 gauge: made with necessary holes for attaching to shelves using plastic push-in fasteners.

SHELF DIVIDERS: 6" high through 20" high are 24 gauge, 24" high and over are 20 gauge. All divider front flanges have a 5/16" diameter bead. Top, bottom, and rear flanges are 7/8". Dividers less than 24" high are attached with plastic push-in fasteners, 24" and higher are bolted.

PARTIAL DIVIDERS 18 gauge: 7/8" flange at the bottom. Attached with push-in Plastic Button fasteners.

SLIDING DIVIDER 20 gauge: manufactured to give infinite lateral adjustability. Divider portion shall be sloped 45 degrees at front, 1/2" radius at front corner.

BIN FRONTS 18 gauge: one and two inch high bin fronts are bolted to the face of the shelf. Three inch high bin fronts are attached to the post by use of 16 gauge zinc plated channel clips.

SHELF BOXES 20 gauge: boxes have a rigid curled handle at the front, punched with an integral card holder on front and rear. 4-5/8 " high to fit between shelves on 6" centers and slotted to accept dividers on 1" centers.

SHELF BOX DIVIDERS 20 gauge: punched with an integral card holder.

SWINGING DOORS 16 gauge frame and 20 gauge doors: reinforced to prevent warping. Doors are riveted to three 5-knuckle hinges and have a three-point latching device with chrome plated key lock handle. Doors to be preassembled in the frame at factory.

SLIDING DOORS: set of doors is 72" wide and cover two 36" wide units. Each door is 22 gauge with two or more 18 gauge reinforcing pans, recessed handle and nylon glides and rollers. Each set has 16 gauge channels welded at the top and bottom, and 20 gauge channels on the ends. Doors are contained in top, bottom and vertical channels. Right hand door has a provision for a cylinder lock.

FOOT PLATES 13 gauge: zinc plated steel used to protect floors.

FINISH: All painted parts are selected from a minimum of four standard colors. Materials are cleaned and phosphatized in a multi-stage process, dried in a 400 degrees oven and electrostatically spray painted with a high grade enamel, then baked on at 360 degrees.

*Not all sizes are listed on this website. If you do not see the size you are looking for, please call 1.800.637.9508 to speak with a knowledgeable sales representative.

About Clipper Shelving

Clipper or Clip Type Shelving excels in the strength to weight ratio with the ability to store from 350 lbs up to 2,000 lbs per level. Each shelf begins as one sheet of metal that undergoes a state-of-the-art production process to end as one piece of roll-formed steel. The result is a lightweight product that has been reinforced with flanged edges. Box beam construction (a hollow, roll formed tube) adds strength to the front and back edges while the sides are double flanged for support. No additional support is required, but can be added to increase the weight capacity of each shelf.

The entire system is named after the small clip that hooks into the notches of the posts (also called uprights). Even though it is a very simple design, it creates a very secure connection, clipping each shelf directly to the post. All posts are notched on 1" centers, meaning that you can adjust the height of your shelf to suit your storage needs.

Types of Clipper Shelving

Though there are several different strengths of clipper shelving (medium duty, super heavy duty, etc), two main styles prevail: open shelving and closed shelving. Open clip type shelves are the more economical option, allowing you to store high volumes at low prices with visibility on all sides. However, sway braces are required to help reinforce the stability of each unit on the back and sides. You are still able to create a continuous row of metal shelving with the open style.

Closed clip type shelving is encased in metal panels on the back and sides, with the option of adding locking doors to the front. This type of enclosure is more secure and can help limit access to your stored goods. Metal panels also give this unit stability; bolting to the offset-angled uprights keeps the unit rigid. As with the open shelves, these units can be connected to create a continuous row of shelving, simply using panels on the outer ends. Each shelf comes with four compression shelf clips.

If you are interested in additional capacity ranges, like the Heavy and Extra Heavy Duty, please contact one of our sales reps using the chat button on the left of your screen, or call 1.800.637.9508.

Shipping Information

All components are stocked in our warehouse in Madison Heights, Michigan. Orders are processed and shipped within 2-3 business days via ABF frieght for commercial customers, or UPS Ground for residential customers. For your convenience, items are palletized and wrapped for a secure shipment.

We also offer a discount for shipping on bulk orders. If you are interested in purchasing rows of continuous shelving for your store or industrial facility, let us know or chat with us. Click the chat button on the bottom of your screen, we're here to help M-F, 9a-5p EST.

Benefits of Clipper Shelving

Clipper shelving comes with an array of advantages. This shelving is strong and built to last, meaning once you make your initial investment in storage, you will be set. Even if you choose to expand, you can add onto these shelves to suit your new space. Many configurations can be designed using clipper shelving, because it ranges in size and capacity. Listed below are just some of clipper shelving’s various benefits.

  • Extremely versatile- can be configured in rows, columns, aisles, and more
  • Wide variety of sizes and capacities allow you to store practically anything
  • Steel panels ensure that nothing will fall off closed units, promoting workplace safety
  • Closed clipper shelving offers protection and cleanliness of stored items
  • Open clipper shelving is economical, allowing you to invest more money back in your business
  • Addition shelves can be easily added as your storage need grows- scalable
  • Add-on shelves are compatible with both closed and open clipper shelving
  • Optional locking doors may be added for greater security on closed units
  • Able to handle simple storage and high rise or multi-level storage.


  • Clipper Shelving for Warehouses
Increase your warehouse’s floor space and create a custom storage system with clipper shelving. By growing your storage space vertically, you take up a smaller footprint and allow a greater workflow area. Create aisles and rows to improve efficiency for your order fulfillment team. You can even use lightweight metal shelving on the second level of your Mezzanine for upper tier storage. Getting organized is an important part of saving time, and time is money.
  • Clipper Shelving for the Office
Is your office lacking order and storage space? Clip type metal shelving is a fantastic fix for any office in need of some updating and organizing. Completely customize your office space with sturdy and easy to assemble clipper shelving. We provide this style of storage with a wide variety of options and accessories for ideal customization, such as bins, dividers, and label holders. From paper products and office supplies to janitorial cleansers and hazardous chemicals, ensure that everything has a home.

Clipper shelves are ideal for office storage rooms and work areas. Because they are lightweight and easy to assemble, you won't have to waste labor hours hiring a crew for a day to construct new shelving units. Use them in stock rooms for inventory such as electronics or bins that hold small parts.<
  • Clipper Shelving for the Home
Bring some organization back to your basement and garage with an affordable storage solution. Shelving Inc. provides the very best metal shelving to suit your storage needs. Both economical and sturdy, clipper shelving is a perfect choice for outfitting your work spaces. Clipper Shelving will provide vertical storage, which will equate to more floor space and walking room in your garage, home office, basement or utility room.

While artisans, hobbyists, makers, and craftsmen all have a home for their passion, they often lack a home for their tools. Create a space your important investments and organize your shop area today. Get those tools, boxes, work equipment, and decorations organized in the garage. Clean up the basement by lining your wall with shelves. With help from Shelving Inc. you can create ultimate home storage solutions on a budget.