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Multilevel Storage Sliding Tracks for Wire Shelving Mobile Aisle Shelving and File Systems
Push Back High Density Racking

Multilevel Storage

Multilevel Storage allows you to expand in an upward direction instead of outward, keeping your personnel in closer proximity to each other and stored material, for more efficient operation.

Mobile Aisle Shelving and File System

The Mobile Aisle System makes more space available in your present facility, simply by compacting storage. By eliminating fixed aisles and leaving one "floating" aisle for access, your storage capacity will nearly double without adding a single square foot of valuable floor space.

Push Back High Density Racking

This versatile system allows for the frames to be arranged in a traditional straight line front to back or a staggered frame pattern. The patented staggered pattern reduces the column load which reduces loading on the floor. It also reduces the capacity required on the support beam thus reducing the height of the beam and increasing the available vertical height.

Client Testimonial

Shelving Inc has been contracted by Zatkoff Seals & Packings for years. One of our best customers, Zatkoff has an eye for quality and a need for timely delivery. We have made it our goal to exceed expectations in every facet, maintaining a loyal client and providing exemplary work.

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