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High Density Storage

Do you have larger than life storage requirements? Are you running out of valuable floorspace but need to store items for long periods of time? If your storage and organization needs go beyond the typical industrial storage solutions, our high-density warehouse storage is just what you need. From solutions to increase capacity to mobile aisles that maximize your limited floorspace, our team can find the perfect high-capacity storage solution for you and your business.

Multilevel Storage

Vertical storage is one of the most under-utilized areas in most warehouses today. Make the most of this unappreciated space with our custom-built multilevel warehouse storage solutions. Keep your materials and goods closer together and reduce travel time for your workers with these vertical installations.

Sliding Tracks for Wire Shelving

Make your current wire shelving all the more accessible (and useful) with these wire shelving sliding tracks. These tracks hold your shelves and allow you to condense the space between them for easier access and increased capacity, all while minimizing the impact on your floor space.

Mobile Aisle Shelving and File System

Double your current storage capacity without losing a single square foot of valuable floor space with our mobile aisle shelving and filing systems. By creating one “floating” aisle for access, you can reduce the amount of floor space you lose to shelving installations while greatly increasing the amount of items you can store long term.

Push Back High Density Racking

Push back racking allows you to store pallets horizontally, six deep, in a staggered pattern that increased accessibility and maximizes storage space without affecting your floor’s overall footprint. The special design reduces the work being done by the support beam, which reduces the beam’s height and allows you to use more of the available vertical space.

Client Testimonial

For years, Shelving Inc has been contracted by Zatkoff Seals & Packings to handle all of their storage and shelving needs. One of our best customers, Zatkoff has an eye for quality and a need for timely delivery - traits that we understand and share. Read their client testimonial and learn why year after year Zatkoff turns to us for their storage and warehouse needs.