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Wall Mounted Wire Shelving

In the densely packed, high-volume world of modern business, floor space is a valuable commodity. Our industrial wall shelving is the perfect solution for freeing up extra space and eliminating clutter wherever it tends to gather. Use it as restaurant shelving to store pots, pans, and ingredients in a kitchen, or use it for garage storage to free up space on workbenches. Each wall mounted industrial shelving unit is fully adjustable to hold nearly any item and are constructed from the same materials and methods as our standard wire shelving. Let our wall mounted wire shelves & industrial wall storage units organize the spaces you never thought you'd get organized again, all without taking up a lot of floor space that you need for, well...everything else already in that room!

Looking to turn some of your current shelves into wall mounted wire shelving? Take a look at our shelving mounting hardware and make your shelves work harder than ever before.