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Information for Shelving Inc. (SI) brand Wire Shelving and Accessories

Our goal is to offer more dimensions of wire shelving racks than anyone else on the web at a price our competitors can’t match.

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Technical Specs Ways to Use Wire Shelving
Shipments Types of Wire Shelving
About the Product Accessories for Wire Shelving
Benefits of Wire Shelving Types of Casters for Wire Shelving

Wire Shelving Technical Specifications

General specifications (see diagram below) Wire Shelving Specs
  • .788 inches between wire rungs
  • Wire rungs are .134 inches thick
  • Metal truss and Upper frame are .197 inches thick
  • Lower frame is .236 inches thick
  • Angled truss support is .177 inches thick
Round Post Specs
  • 1 inch between locator rings
  • 2.5 inches from bottom of post to first set of double rings
  • Leveling foot has 12 threads per inch thread-count
  • Threaded area is .5 inches thick

Shelving Inc. (SI) brand Wire Shelving Shipments

All of our wire shelving is currently manufactured in Taiwan and shipped by the container to our climate controlled warehouse in Madison Heights, Michigan. We have a dedicated order fulfillment crew that works tirelessly to pack our shipments using safeguard technology. In this way, we can ensure that our products arrive at your door quickly in pristine condition.

Our shelves typically come in boxes of four, with the exception of items that are 60”w or larger. To reduce the cost of shipping, we will often consolidate products into as few boxes possible, including banding together the larger shelf boxes. SI wire shelves are shipped using UPS or ABF freight for larger commercial orders. After your order is placed, we will send you tracking information to plan for the arrival of your new storage system.

About our SI brand Wire Shelving

Wire shelving is a heavy duty storage solution for a variety of functions, including household organization, retail merchandising, commercial storage, and warehouse bulk inventory. Our customers come from different industries with different requirements, but all end up selecting wire racks for their unique purposes. This is because they can select sizes from 8 inches deep by 8 inches wide all the way up to 36 inches deep by 72 inches wide.

Our expertise is not limited to rectangular wire racks. We feature exclusive designs for corner kits such as the triangular, radius, and pentagon shelves. Each shape has its own unique benefits, providing a certain look, ledge, or add on capability.

Every kit that we sell includes posts with leveling feet, shelves, and plastic split sleeves; these are the essential components in assembling your kit. Plastic split sleeves clip together on the post where you want your shelf to go, forming a wedge. The opening of the shelf collar (corner of the shelf) is lowered onto the post over the clip, securing it in place. For a better understanding of how these parts relate to one another, view our assembly guide.

Benefits of Using a Wire Shelving System

Unlike other storage systems that can be tricky to assemble, wire shelving is easy to construct. You don’t need any tools to assemble these racks, just the items that are included with your purchase. Just place the plastic clips where you want your shelf and lower it into place! This feature is actually another benefit: these kits are entirely adjustable. You can adjust the space between shelves at any point in the lifetime of your shelf, accommodating your storage needs as they change.

Having a set of adjustable metal shelves will be worth their weight in storage years down the road. Fabricated specifically to be of high quality, everything from the welds to the structural design translates to superior durability. A lifetime of storage with a single purchase, these shelves are incredibly scalable. Create vertical storage for your business and these shelves can move with you until retirement. As your space grows, you can expand your storage by utilizing add-on kits.

Of course, we can’t overlook the benefits of the shelves themselves! The wire rungs are reinforced with a center truss that supports up to 800 pounds of evenly distributed weight. Given that there is almost an inch of space between each rung, there is plenty of room for light and air to get through while not a lot of room for dust to accumulate, also reducing allergens. A clean, open, and ventilated shelving system keeps your dry goods dry and the additional light makes it easier to find the items you need. Brighten up your room with the reflective chrome plating of these metal storage systems.

While we could go on and on about all of the unique things that you can do with chrome wire shelving, we’ll sum it up with this: the versatility of our products allows you to store whatever you need wherever you need it. You can create a 9 shelf kit as a merchandising stand for your small business, a baker’s rack for your kitchen, or one of a thousand things in between. The biggest benefit is that our shelves allow you to get creative on your quest to get organized.

Ways to Use Wire Shelving

As highlighted above, there are countless benefits for our SI brand metal shelving, namely the versatility of the product. We’d like to suggest a few of the most popular ways in which customers utilize our wire shelving, potentially inspiring you to create a new use for yours.

Residential uses of this style of shelving range across every room in the home. One of the more unique solutions to a storage problem was to create a folding counter in the laundry room that featured a cantilevered rack above for detergent and a hanger rail to suspend three bags for sorting purposes. Wrinkled shirts could also be hung from this rail to get the wrinkles out and air dry. This kit took up an 18” x 24” footprint in a small home that was pressed for space.

You don’t have to have an entire room to utilize our shelves. Set up a system for your closet or pantry to really get organized! Multiple tiers offer a variety of options for grouping like items. We have customers who have taken a reach in closet and created an entire dry storage pantry out of it. Hopefully, we inspired that customer to follow her dream of running a small catering kitchen out of her home by alleviating all of that clutter!

Commercial customers find innovative ways to utilize our wire shelving as well. In any industry, you’ll find a back stock of items that are constantly being inventoried and rotated. We help in that process with our open shelving, which can be loaded from the back and picked from the front. By increasing the storage capacity and visibility in the stock room, we can help ensure the First-In First-Out stocking method. Good sense makes for good business practices.

More innovative commercial uses tend toward impressive merchandising. Many of our customers don’t just use these shelves in the back of the house, but also on the sales floor. From merchandising stands to point of sale end-caps, our racks adjust to fit the promotion you’re running this month. More creative customers have used fabrics and signage to really help their products jump off the shelves!

We understand that the office environment differs greatly from the retail industry, but that doesn’t mean the storage has to! In the past, our office clientele has used our heavy duty shelving to host important offline records that are kept in accordance with tax codes. These have also been popular in the office supply closet, but our favorite has to be the chrome wire desk that was made for the President and C.E.O. of Shelving Inc, Joseph Schodowski! Seriously, this guy works on a big shelf-come-desk.

Different Types of Wire Shelving We Offer

Aside from the standard rectangular shelves that are included in our Wire Shelving Kits and Add On Kits, we offer several different styles and variations of wire shelving, each with their own benefits and uses.

Certain products can only be used in conjunction with specific sizes, while others are standalone units. If you have a standard kit, you can increase the amount or type of storage by using different shelves. Cantilever shelves only utilize two posts in the back collars of the shelf, meaning that the area beneath the front of the shelf is completely open (very handy for above-head storage), and is available in three different lengths.

You can also use a basket shelf as a catch all beneath your rectangular rack for any items that have the propensity to roll, or a sliding shelf to make items easier to access. These shelves require a kit that is 18” deep. If you have a unit that is 14” deep, you can add a wire wine shelf to store wine bottles. We also offer entire kits comprised solely of wine shelves.

Though our high quality construction is labeled “commercial grade,” it can just as easily be used in the home. For this reason, we have designed and created different styles of corner kits.

The radius shelf is named for the radial design that starts in the corner and spreads outward into the room. It is available in two sizes, 18” deep and 24” deep, measured from the corner along the wall. The hypotenuse that connects the outermost collars is bowed outwards, extending beyond the depth of the ends in a wide arc.

Our triangle shelf contrast sharply with the radial shelves in that all edges of the triangle shelf are straight. It is also available in the 18” and 24” depths, but is less obtrusive, providing storage space in the corner of your room without creating a larger footprint.

The largest corner kit that we have comes in the form of a pentagon shelf. While providing ample space to store your heavy duty goods, the real benefit of this shelf is that it has the capacity to extend shelving space along your wall using 18” deep Add On Kits. Conversely, you could take two existing units and hang the pentagon shelves in place, connecting them with S-Hooks.

Accessories for Wire Shelving

When we say that our shelves can be customized, we mean that you can do more than just select the height of each shelf. After you decide what kind of shelves to add to your kit, you can also elect to add accessories to suit your storage needs. We offer a variety of accessories that can change the purpose of your kit based on how you choose to utilize it.

Adding liners to your kit can augment the kind of items you store. With a protective covering, smaller items are able to sit on the wire rungs without getting stuck or falling through the cracks. Choose from the economic translucent liners or the decorative PVC liners for greater durability with a colorful flare. If you have items that you’d like to keep out of the sight, you can also purchase enclosures for wire shelving made of that same durable PVC lining. Of course, there’s always our most coveted liner: the butcher block. An American made carved piece of wood that is crafted to fit the length of your shelf, the wooden shelf insert gives you a versatile surface that can be used for decoration, heavy duty storage, or even kitchen applications (after all, a wooden block is a great cutting board).

Accessories can be used to add to the functionality of your posts as well. Hanger rails connect two posts and can be used in a multitude of ways, adding stability and giving you additional storage space. You can even connect adjacent units with the hanger rail as a spacer that will allow you to swivel one unit out of the way. Accomplish this with any of our casters, which can be affixed to the bottom of any post. Utility hooks can be hung from the hanger rails, providing you with an additional tool in your organized arsenal. Other post accessories include wire gathering loops, wave hooks for hangers, and small bins that serve as a catch-all for small items.

Types of Casters for Wire Shelving

The type of caster, or wheel, that you need will depend greatly upon the intent of your storage project. For a small unit, such as a kitchen cart, decorative casters will suit your needs. For a security truck with heavy storage in a secure room, you’ll want polyurethane casters.

Visit our casters page and you’ll see that there are two basic types: threaded casters and non-threaded (sometimes called “stem”) casters. The stem is a half inch in diameter and has a thread-count of 12 threads per inch, which matches our leveling feet. Since they are the same as the feet that all posts come with, all of our threaded casters fit neatly into all of our posts by twisting them into place.

Non-threaded casters are considered to be a universal fit for most 1” posts, meaning this is your mobile solution if you have a post that is not SI brand. However, if you purchase these for SI brand posts, they will still fit; you just have to remove the threaded insert (female receptor) from the bottom of the post. No tools are needed, as this can be done entirely by hand. To affix the non-threaded caster, insert the stem into the post and tap into place. To remove, you will have to find a long dowel that can be inserted through the other end of the post to force the stem out.

Another consideration is the material of the caster. Rubber casters will glide over almost any surface, but cannot support as much weight as the polyurethane casters. In contrast, polyurethane casters are very dense and cannot roll over debris without potentially damaging the wheel, they are strictly for indoor use. We also offer a decorative plastic caster, which only supports 150 lbs and does not move as freely as the larger options, but is perfect for use around the home.

Finally, another point to consider is whether or not you will want brakes. Some mobile shelving kits are moved so frequently that there is no need to bother with a brake, while others are only moved occasionally for cleaning or reorganizing a room. The latter scenario would likely require brakes to add stability to the shelving system, preventing it from rolling at unwanted times.