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Wire Mesh Partitions Info Page

Each of our wire partitions have a two stage phosphate wash with a quick cure, powder coat finish for added strength and durability. The standard panels are gray, but available in black, yellow, red, blue, green, and white, or even color match (for a nominal fee).

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Shipment InformationBenefits of Wire Partitions
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Wire Mesh Partitions Technical Specifications

Woven FordLOGAN Wire Partitions - triple crimped wire woven into a diamond mesh for lightweight security.
This product meets and exceeds the architectural Master Specification section 10605, providing an effective and economical approach to area guarding and separation.
SG2000 Wire Partitions- welded or woven, this design utilizes stacking panels for taller configurations or long, straight runs. This product is certified for DEA applications, meaning it is of the highest quality and strength.

Shipment Information

FordLogan is the most popular style of wire mesh, so we make sure to keep plenty in stock at our warehouse in Indiana. We carry panels from 1' wide to 5' wide and several heights, making our turn-around time the fastest in the industry. We ship 6 panels to a pallet, meaning you will actually save money on shipping if you purchase in quantities thereof. Each set of FordLogan wire partition panels come with hardware kits, base shoes, and a connecting panel cap (see installation instructions for details).

SG2000 is more specialized product lines and will be custom fabricated to your specification. For that reason, these two styles of area guarding have a 2-3 week lead time.

About our Wire Mesh Partitions

Our manufacturer, SpaceGuard, is one of the most trusted names in the area guarding industry. Originally known as the Logan Wire Company, the business acquired the Ford Fence Company to expand their product offerings. Today, SpaceGuard offers more than wire and fencing, but secure area storage, machine and robotic guarding, storage lockers, and rack safety panels. For those wondering how came to offer wire mesh partitions, consider how much business we've done and experience we have with rack safety panels. We wouldn't be complete without them!

As noted above, SpaceGuard offers three different styles of Wire Mesh. Each of these partitions are available for a wide variety of uses.

Installation Instructions for Security Cages

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Some video tutorials are also available, such as the example below. For more help, contact us via chat!

Benefits of Wire Partitions and Security Cages

Whether woven or welded, wire mesh has one essential benefit: it keeps honest people honest. The most basic feature (the wire mesh) is your greatest benefit in that it restricts access to a given amount of space. Depending on how you choose to utilize this "fencing," it can help do everything from reduce inventory shrinkage to increase workplace safety.

By selecting the style that is most appropriate for your needs, some problems will begin to resolve themselves. For inventory shrinkage, restricted access will mean that employees no longer have the ability to help themselves to product. You can control who has access during what time. This is also a benefit to manufacturers with very expensive robotic equipment or sensitive data storage centers. Only certain people should be allowed access to these machines, so you can easily create a checkpoint without having to spend payroll on a security force.

If safety is the issue, then you will see the added benefits of a reduced insurance premium. By installing safety measures like Pallet Rack Cages and specific lanes for material handling equipment, you significantly reduce the risk of injury to your employees. The see-through design also prevents around-corner collisions, reducing the damage to people, products, and installations. To put it another way, one of the greatest benefits is that the racks can be applied to so many different situations.

Partitions vs Fences

Some customers may wonder why they should even consider wire mesh partitions when there are many companies that sell chain link fences at a better price point. Well, the answer has to do with the construction of each material. Partitions are made of individual panels configured to fit your specific secure storage needs. By contrast, fences are continuous rows of wire that wrap around fixed posts. This can lead to a very costly scenario.

Imagine a scenario in which your fencing has been damaged. This renders your secure area vulnerable, meaning the entire fence has to be replaced just because of one gap. However, if you have wire partitions, each individual panel can be replaced. Our Spaceguard panels come with post connector hardware, so all of your problems are resolved with a single order. You'll even save money with simple do-it-yourself installation instructions!

Additionally, Wire Mesh Partitions are much more customizable than standard fencing. When you buy partitions, you have the option of including service windows in your panels, selecting which type of door you'd like (swing or slide), and options of locks. This increases security as well as work flow, as this barrier can be made to serve your business processes. Greater productivity leads to a greater bottom line.