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Wire Mesh Partitions & Security Cages

Our wire mesh partitions and security cages are great for protecting essential equipment and tools, fragile goods, hazardous or sensitive materials, and valuable products. Providing a secure storage area that allows for unobstructed air circulation, light and sprinkler penetration, and visibility, as well as accessibility by authorized employees only, these solutions will keep your assets in good condition and well protected. Ideal for warehouses and distribution centers, manufacturing plants, data centers, labs, medical facilities, police stations, and apartments.

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Wire Mesh Security Partitions

Divide and protect your valuable goods, hazardous chemicals, or delicate equipment with our wire mesh security partitions and wire storage lockers. Our wire storage partitions are a customizable, effective, and economic solution to any secure storage need.

Wire partitions are used by businesses to create a secure and visible area. In the past wire partitions have been used for:

  • Stockrooms
  • Data storage centers
  • Tool cribs
  • Room dividers

Our Wire Mesh Panels features:

  • 10 gauge, triple crimped steel wire with 1-1/2” diamond mesh pattern.
  • 3.7” sweep space for easy cleaning.
  • 10 gauge swing or sliding door. The swing door can be hinged on the left or right and open in or out. While the sliding door which can be mounted inside or outside of the wire partition.
  • Posts constructed of 1-1/4” x 1-1/4” x 1/8” thick angles for 90° corners.
  • No large gaps at the top, bottom, corners, or sides of panels.

Whether you need a safe place to keep valuable retail products, a secure area to keep parts and machinery, or a way to stop unauthorized workers from having access to things like sensitive medications or dangerous chemicals. You can even use them in restaurants or food storage for better walk-in freezer organization! The Exclusive UNI-MESH design allows clear visibility of stored items, unrestricted air and light circulation, and penetration of fire suppression systems.

Better yet, these partitions can expand or be rearranged as your storage needs change. New sections can be added to increase available space or change with the layout of your warehouse, and the sturdy construction will provide years of regular use.

Secure Wire Storage Lockers

Similar to our standard industrial lockers, our heavy-duty wire storage lockers are built tough and designed to stand up to nearly anything you need to store in them. Constructed using similar methods and materials as our acclaimed wire shelving, these lockers are highly versatile. Storage lockers have been used for:

  • Residential/tenant storage
  • Weapons storage
  • Athletic equipment lockers

The wire construction of these lockers is guaranteed to not bow or buckle under use, and the wire used is heavy-gauge and tightly-woven to prevent damage to your products or injury to your workers. Best of all, they’re easy to assemble!