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About Span-Track Full-Width Roller, Carton Flow Track Racks

Fits Any Pallet Rack - No Shelves Ever Needed

Span-track is a unique, conveyor-like carton flow track. Span-Track sections can be added to any new or existing pallet rack, spanning and supported by the pallet rack beams. This takes advantage of the strength of the rack structure and makes maximum use of rack capacity since no shelves or intermediate supports are needed (as is the case with plastic wheel rack).

High Capacity, High Durability
Span-track can withstand the rigors of active warehouses and sub-assembly plants. all metal construction with galvanized steel side channels and full width rollers carry loads up to 50 lbs. per ft. And (unlike plastic wheels) they meet the test of repetative impact loading. Span-Track rollers are 3/4" diameter tempered aluminum with a full length 3/16" steel axle. Span-Track is backed by a Seven-Year "Platinum" Warranty.

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About Span-Track

Low Profile
Carton Flow Track Racks

High Profile
Carton Flow Track Racks

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A New Standard in Carton Flow

Superior Carton Flow
Span_Track roller give total carton support from load pont to pick. Atypical section offers 48" of product contact per foot, while two typical sections of plastic wheel offer only 11" of product contact per foot. Even rice paper corrugates flow on Span-Track's full width rollers. Now you can have carton flow that you can depend on to actually FLOW!

Very Economical
The primary cost of Span-Track is in the initial purchase of the track itself. By comparison, a high percentage of the cost of plastic wheel track is in the additional costs of shelves, special uprights, labor intensive installation and frequent replacement of components. Span-Track installs in one-third the time, is easily relocated by one worker using no tools, and there are no replacement costs.

Three Models Available

High Profile Span-Track (right)
Installs on pallet rack beams.
Can overhang front and/or back for contouring racks.

Low Profile Span-Track (lower right)
Installs between pallet rack beams saving verticle space for higher density live storage.

Deck Span-Track (upper right)
Adds to single deep rack.

Span-Track Offers:

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