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Gravity Flow Racks

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Flow Cells

An all-inclusive solution for gravity flow, Flow Cells offer a complete setup from beams to tracks. Create ergonomic and efficient storage for your facility that can be customized with any combination of pick trays, beds, and lane tracks. Better yet, add-ons like workbenches, toolbars, and casters can create workstations and mobile units at any point along the shipping, packing, or picking process.

Span Track - Bed

The Span Track Bed is one of our most flexible and versatile tracks, thanks to its durable plastic or steel wheel construction. Able to store boxes of many different sizes on the same level, Span Tracks drop effortlessly into your pallet racking to convert existing storage solutions into gravity flow racks without a massive overhaul. Reslots easily without requiring track adjustment.

Span Track - Lane

The original carton flow system, Span Track Lane is the most durable track we offer. Aluminium or steel rollers offer maximum contact with weak packaging or boxes, and can be added to pallet racking to create dynamic and versatile storage.

Gravity Conveyors

Increase productivity and provide ergonomics for your workers by installing gravity flow conveyors along your picking and stocking lines. Heavy duty construction allows for durability and stability, and can meet the unique design needs of your warehouse or facility by including angled construction or personnel gates to maintain access.

Pallet Track

With a pallet track installed by our team of racking experts, you can use space more efficiently and decrease the amount of time your workers have to travel to retrieve items, and reduce the amount of time those items are in transport.

Pick Shelves

Kill the dead zone and angle your cartons for easier picking and retrieving with our specially designed pick shelves. Usable on their own for products that don’t move as often, or can be attached to pre-installed gravity flow racks for easy picking of individual items.

Roller Racks

A standard configuration for a gravity flow setup, gravity flow roller racks can be used on their own or combined into a receiving bay to increase SKU density and reduce travel time. Compatible with Span Track Lane and wheel beds.

Shelf Track

The next development in gravity flow racks, gravity flow shelf tracks can drop into existing racks to increase carton flow and raise productivity.

Case Studies

From the automotive business to alcohol distribution and everything in between, gravity flow racks have saved the bottom line in businesses just like yours. Read our gravity flow rack case studies and learn what they can do for you.