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MetroMax Antimicrobial Shelving

MetroMax shelving offers some of the highest resistance to germs and bacteria among any comparable shelving type.

Perfect for more sensitive storage needs such as greenhouse shelving or pharmaceutical storage, MetroMax antimicrobial shelves offer a unique polymer coating that adds an additional layer of protection to the already durable design of Metro wire shelving. These polymer shelves are coated in Microban, offering protection against bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus that can cause the shelving to deteriorate or produce odors, making them reliable even under the most extreme of conditions or for the most sensitive goods.

MetroMax Q Shelving

MetroMax Q shelving offers the same antimicrobial properties as MetroMax shelving, with an easy installation and potential for expansion. MetroMax Q offers protection against the elements and potential infections, and can be adjusted or expanded based upon your changing storage needs. From the kitchen to the hospital, MetroMax Q shelves and racks are the industry leader in antimicrobial storage.

MetroMax I Shelving

MetroMax I shelves offer the highest rating of durability and weight loads, allowing you to organize your space more efficiently. Offering an all-polymer construction and additional coating at various touchpoints (including corners), MetroMax I provides the same protection from germs and mildew that all MetroMax shelves offer, with a weight limit that can organize even the toughest space.

MetroMax 4 Shelving

A corrosion-proof, all-polymer shelving solution, MetroMax 4 promotes safety and stability no matter what you need to shelve. The built-in Microban protection keeps MetroMax 4 safe even between cleanings, and the weight limit of 800lbs per shelf allows for greater reliability even during long-term storage projects. Perfect for foodservice, grocery/produce storage, or storage of other perishable items.

MetroMax Antimicrobial Carts

Perfect for products that need to be transported frequently but still require a level of protection from contamination, MetroMax offers antimicrobial carts for ease of transport. Available in a number of sizes and configurations, from chemical carts designed to transport sensitive materials, to mobile desks that can transport needed computer equipment, MetroMax antimicrobial utility carts can add an extra layer of convenience - and safety - to your most sensitive storage needs.