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MetroMax Antimicrobial Shelving

MetroMax shelving has a high resistance to bacteria, rust, and corrosion, and offers unmatched stability in any application. To ensure that your business is equipped with the Metro products needed to meet your operational requirements, we supply MetroMax antimicrobial storage in a variety of configurations.

MetroMax Antimicrobial Shelving

MetroMax products are ideal for more intricate storage needs such as greenhouse shelving or pharmaceutical shelving. Constructed of polymer, the already durable shelving also includes built-in Microban for protection against bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus that can cause odors and deterioration - making it a reliable storage solution for sensitive goods being kept in harsh conditions.

MetroMax Q Shelving

MetroMax Q is great if you require durable antimicrobial storage that accommodates frequently changing needs. Each shelf is constructed of a removable polymer mat and epoxy-coated steel frame. And with a unique feature that allows you to quickly adjust the shelves with a simple flip of your finger, you can improve your efficiency.

MetroMax 4 Shelving

MetroMax 4 promotes stability and safety, no matter what you're storing. Made entirely of polymer with built-in Microban antimicrobial product protection, this rust and corrosion-proof storage line is ideal for commercial kitchen, hospital, and laboratory applications.

MetroMax i Shelving

MetroMax i is the strongest of the series. The shelves are constructed of advanced polymers and have Type 304 stainless steel corners, offering you the highest weight capacity. With this superior antimicrobial shelving, you can organize items in the harshest environments more efficiently.

MetroMax Antimicrobial Carts

Perfect for products, equipment, or supplies that need to be transported frequently and require protection from contamination. MetroMax antimicrobial carts are available in a number of configurations and sizes - from chemical carts designed to move sensitive materials to mobile desks that can transport computer equipment.