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About NSF Shelving

We carry a huge variety of NSF-approved shelves to serve in sensitive industries such as food and medicine. NSF security carts keep dangerous or stolen goods in check. For humid environments and walk-in freezers, NSF rustproof shelving is a must. NSF aluminium shelves are a staple in restaurants for storing dishes and cookware.

BLOG: 5 Things You Need To Know About NSF Shelving

You may have noticed the symbol below on a shelf you own and wondered what this “NSF” was… a brand? a government agency? a meaningless string of letters? Read on to find out more about what NSF means to you!

1. NSF is a certification, not a brand.

Shelves that are approved by the National Sanitation Foundation will bear the circular symbol, making it easily mistaken for a brand logo ...Read More

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