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NSF Commercial Shelving

Providing shelving is just a part of the service we offer. We are space optimization experts with access to valuable design tools - knowing the right questions to ask, we can help determine the best solutions to fit your specific needs.

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NSF-Approved Shelving

These days, industries from food service to medicine need the safety and cleanliness that NSF shelves can provide. The changing needs and strict standards of these businesses need a storage solution that’s durable, flexible, and meets the safety standards of the National Sanitation Foundation (or NSF) to protect their workers and customers - that’s where comes in. We offer a wide range of styles and designs that can fit in alongside your existing From rustproof wire shelving for walk-in freezers or humid environments and aluminium shelves for dishes and cookware, to dispensary storage for safe plant growth and harvesting, to our line of medical shelving specially designed to protect sensitive goods and controlled substances in the medical industry, our NSF shelving will keep your products and workers as safe as you need them to be.

Looking for even more germ-resistant, durable storage options? Check out our range of industrial grade
plastic shelves and find the perfect storage for any condition.

You may have noticed the symbol below on a shelf you own and wondered what this “NSF” was… a brand? a government agency? a meaningless string of letters? Read on to find out more about what NSF means to you!

NSF is a certification, not a brand.

Shelves that are approved by the National Sanitation Foundation will bear the circular symbol, making it easily mistaken for a brand logo ...Read More