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Aluminum Shelving

Whether you are looking for restaurant shelving or stock room storage, these lines of metal racks from New Age Industrial are customizable to fit your needs. The Solid Brute series features a removable solid top to each shelf, making it easy to clean and great for storage. The T-bar shelving has reinforced aluminum slats that are spaced to promote airflow and are great for restaurant equipment such as pots and pans. The H.D. (Heavy Duty) shelves can hold up to 2,000 lbs per tier. Each product in this line is guaranteed against rust and corrosion and can be used in any environment, including industrial freezers. Support your economy, buy these high quality American Made products.

Please note: Aluminum shelving may take up to 21 business days to process and ship

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15"d Solid Brute Aluminum Shelving Kit 18"d Solid Brute Aluminum Shelving Kit 20"d Solid Brute Aluminum Shelving Kit 24"d Solid Brute Aluminum Shelving Kit
15"d T-bar Aluminum Shelving Kit 18"d T-bar Aluminum Shelving Kit 20"d T-bar Aluminum Shelving Kit 24"d T-bar Aluminum Shelving Kit
15"d aluminum adjustable heavy duty shelving kit with 4 tiers by New Age Industrial 18"d aluminum adjustable heavy duty shelving kit with 4 tiers 20"d aluminum adjustable heavy duty shelving kit with 4 tiers 24"d aluminum adjustable heavy duty shelving kit with 4 tiers

With a renewed focus on culinary culture in the media, there has been a resurgence of unique restaurants in rural America. As small business owners build their dream kitchens, we've braced ourselves with these Solid Brute metal shelves for restaurants. They are NSF certified shelving, meaning these solid shelves will work in any food service application. A solid surface permits easy removal of items, while the removable top allows for easily cleaning. Made in America.

For a more versatile storage solution, look no further than our T-bar shelving. Named for the shape of the reinforcing under-braces, this particular shelving can support more weight and serve in more areas of any restaurant. From equipment storage in kitchens to drying racks in dish tanks, and even bulk storage in the walk in freezer, this line will exceed all of your storage needs. The flattened trusses are spaced in a way that promotes air flow to help aerate your inventory. Made in America.

When your storage needs exceed the abilities of typical shelving, but you are confined in your present space, you need heavy duty shelving. That's exactly what these shelves are designed for, bulk storage at a good price. Each metal rack can support 2,000 lbs. With rectangular aluminum tubes made using inside welding techniques, the H.D. series offers superior storage. Extremely durable with a 5 year manufacturers warranty, the H.D. shelves are ideal for industrial spaces, commercial storage, and climate controlled warehouses. All of the benefits of aluminum shelving rolled into one impressive package. Made in America.

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