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Casters for Wire Shelving

With our durable casters, any wire shelving installation can become a mobile wire shelving unit in only a few simple steps! All of our threaded rubber shelving casters include brakes, and our rubber stem casters are available with or without brakes. These casters are a perfect way to create wire shelving on wheels, increasing mobility and allowing for organization on-the-go in your home, warehouse, office, or wherever you need quick access to mobile storage.

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Rubber Threaded Casters Rubber Threaded Casters

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Rubber Stem Casters Rubber Stem Casters

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Rubber Stem Casters - 4-Pack Rubber Stem Casters - 4-Pack

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Rubber vs Polyurethane Casters

For those that decide to make their wire shelving units mobile, they must first decide between rubber or polyurethane (poly) casters. Each material has its own advantages, but the general guideline is that rubber holds less weight than poly casters. Since rubber is more malleable, bumps and shocks are absorbed by the wheel, making it a better choice for transit over rough surfaces. In contrast, poly casters are much more dense and may fracture when rolling over rocks, which relegates them to indoor transit.

What Does 'Threaded' and 'Stem' Mean?

When selecting a caster for your wire shelving unit, you must decide between threaded or stem styles. Each of these terms refers to the bolt that connects the caster to the shelving post. Threaded casters feature a 1/2" bolt with a specific threading (12 threads per inch) that screws directly into the bottom of our posts. Since there is no standard threading in the industry, these casters may not fit other brands of wire shelving, which is why we sell stem casters.

Stem casters are often called universal casters because they fit most 1" diameter shelving posts. The bolt on a stem caster is thick enough to act as a plug inside the bottom of posts, but are difficult to remove, making them a more permanent mobile solution. Some people prefer stem casters because they can be purchased without brakes, which aren't always necessary in mobile storage. Stem casters are compatible with our brand of shelving posts after you remove the threaded insert in the bottom of the post. Please note, stem casters are not guaranteed to fit all posts.